Traverser signed for RoSfest 2019

US progressive rock band, Traverser, is confirmed to appear at ROSFest 2019.

Traverser was formed back in 2005 and has two albums to their name at the time of writing with “Redshift” from 2014 as their most recent production.  At this point, the band is active in the studio preparing material for their third studio album. Traverser has built themselves a name and a reputation for being active in the live circuit and have a reasonably high degree of success as an independent band. Their second album has sold 1000 physical copies which is quite a lot for a non-label band in this era of streaming and digital sales. Musically, they belong on the harder side of the modern progressive rock landscape citing bands such as Porcupine Tree, Tool and Protest the Hero among the cited sources of inspiration. Or, as the band describes themselves; “A unique mix of progressive, alternative rock and metal”.

We were lucky to find Traverser among a long list of Florida bands as their music appealed to us on such a high level, we knew we had to sign this band for the 2019 edition of RoSfest. This is a band that hadn’t been on our radar previously and we look forward to sharing their music with our RoSfest audience. They are a seasoned live band with strong, quality music, which will prove to be a very pleasant surprise for many of our regular festival attendees.

RoSfest 2019 will take place on May 3rd through 5th, 2019 at the Sarasota Opera House, Florida. The final line-up and schedule for the festival is still TBA. Confirmed bands to appear so far are: Riverside (headliner), Karmamoi, and Traverser.

Main website:

Bandcamp Red Shift album:



Live video:


Album update: 

Karmamoi signed for RoSfest 2019!

Italian progressive rock band Karmamoi is confirmed to appear at RoSFest 2019.

Karmamoi was formed 10 years ago, and released its debut album back in 2011. As with many bands Karmamoi has struggled to hold on to a stable-line up over the years, which has somewhat halted band development. However, the creative core of the band, drummer Daniele Giovannoni and guitarist Alex Massari, has remained stable and constant elements throughout the years. These days the band is finalizing material for its fourth studio album “The Day Is Done,” which is scheduled for release in the fall season of 2018.

Karmamoi have developed their style within a foundation that incorporates later day Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree, and have then expanded the borders of that framework somewhat. Modern progressive rock with eclectic intent – that remains accessible and compelling.

We enjoy booking bands that explore progressive rock in a contemporary manner at RoSFest, and are certain that Karmamoi will easily earn themselves plenty of new fans at RoSfest 2019.

RoSfest 2019 will take place on May 3rd through 5th 2019 at the Sarasota Opera House, Florida. The final line-up and schedule for the festival are still TBA. Confirmed bands to appear so far are: Riverside, Karmamoi.

Band Lineup:
Daniele Giovannoni – Drummer
Alex Massari – Guitarist
Alessandro Cefali
Sara  Rinaldi – Lead Vocals



We’re moving!

Dear RoSfesters,

The RoSfest community is very important to me on so many levels and my long-term goal is to keep RoSfest going for as long as we can in order to benefit the “progressive music family” as a whole for both musicians and Prog music lovers alike. The Majestic Theater in Gettysburg, PA has been a memorable host to us for the past eight years, but even though our reputation continues to grow as the best North America Progressive Rock Festival, our audience attendance has been slowly declining. 

As many of you are aware, we recently relocated to Sarasota, Florida. Our decision in selecting this location was not only because of its beauty, beaches, arts and entertainment, but because we believe Sarasota would make the perfect location for RoSfest to continue to survive and grow.  Besides having an incredibly approachable downtown social area with blocks of restaurants, bars, hotels, Saturday morning Farmer’s Market, and shops that are bordered by Parks on the Sarasota Bay, Sarasota is home to the SARASOTA OPERA HOUSE offering an incredible acoustic experience residing in a $20 Million renovated theater.  Our new home theater is in WALKING DISTANCE to hotels, restaurants, shops, and parks surrounded by views of the Gulf.  

There are many additional attractions that people from all over the world visit Sarasota as a destination vacation spot for such as Siesta Key Beach, “Rated as the #1 Beach in the USA, 2017”, Selby Botanical Gardens, The Ringling Museums and Grounds, The Mote Marine Lab & Aquarium, the Art Center Sarasota, The Circus Arts Conservatory, Longwood Key, St. Armands Circle, and Lido Key for Kayaking the Mangroves or the Bay.  In the coming weeks, we will share additional information about Sarasota that will include maps, photos, videos and details to help familiarize everyone with the area.  New host hotels will be designated and after hour parties will continue, but all within walking distance as most of you have requested.

I’m aware that this news may upset some of our supporters, but please understand that in order for RoSfest to survive, we’re hopeful that our RoSfest family will give Sarasota a chance so that we can keep bringing you the best that progressive music has to offer!

With much love and appreciation,


RoSfest 2018 is now in the books

RoSfest 2018 is now in the books and we are now looking forward to the future. Mark your calendars, the dates for 2019 are May 3rd, 4th, & 5th.
In case you haven’t heard, we announced Riverside as a headliner for 2019.

There are so many people to thank this year and I would like to start with my staff, beginning with my beloved partner in the festival business, Beth Ellen Wilson. I am grateful for Beth’s dedication to the festival and she spent long hard hours working on the beautiful artwork for all our logos, t-shirts, merchandise, and promotional work. Beth added a beautiful dimension that was missing at RoSfest and it makes me very happy to hear the women of prog say, “I love the women’s merchandise”. I would like to thank Donna O’Donnell for her dedication to the festival and for her hard work in facilitating the work permits for Special Providence. Once again, you rock! Special thanks go out to our Production Manager, Kevin Madrishin, for another successful year. Kevin spent long hours ahead of the festival making sure the bands had all of their backline questions answered and made sure we had the correct equipment necessary to use at the festival. I hope you like the new title “NUMBER 1 PRODUCTION MANAGER!” Once again, I’m very honored to call you my friend. Big huge thanks go out to Rita Kay Drew and Octavia Brown, our unsung heroes at RoSfest. They were responsible for the transportation of the bands and were quick to assist with anything else needed. “I’m a Barbie girl!”

Thanks again to Brendan Leber, and Dana Ocher, the official sheepherders of RoSfest. You did an awesome job this year! Thanks to Larry Dawgiello for handling the merchandise table this year. I am so happy you work for us. It’s great to have you on our team and the good thing is we didn’t have to hear that Larry song this year. Thanks again to All Sound Pro for providing a sweet system at the after-hours party on Saturday night. Banjo was awake this year! Thanks go out to Nick Andreas, and Mason Rouser, who handled security. You guys did a great job this year. Another special thanks to the best stage crew and Lighting company a promoter can ask for. You guys are the best in the business. It has been an honor to work with you. You’re all irreplaceable. As well as Joel Barrios, our official photographer.

Special thanks go out to Zeitgeist Media’s, Adele Schmidt, and her partner Jose Zegarra Holder for videotaping the show. Plus, a special thanks to Mike Potter and Chris “Orion Studios”, for always doing an incredible job at recording the bands. It should be mentioned that this year, seven out of the ten bands opted to do live DVD and audios at RoSfest. Everytime, you buy a DVD or CD from one of our bands, a small portion goes back to RoSfest. In essence, you’re helping out both the bands and RoSfest.

Special thanks go out to the Majestic theater. We appreciate all your help for making sure the bands don’t have to haul their own gear into the theater. Thank you SO much for making sure that our show runs without hassle. A special thank you must also go out to Jeffrey Gabel, the Executive Director of the Majestic Theater and for welcoming us back year after year. We are incredibly proud and honored to call The Majestic Theater our home since 2010. Immense and huge thanks to all of you.

Huge thanks go out to all the bands that performed at RoSfest. Every band performed to their potential and everyone gave a superb performance. A few stand outs went above and beyond what I expected and blew the roof off at RoSfest. Brand X, Barock Project, Flor De Loto and the phenomenal PFM. Thanks for giving us the most memorable weekend ever at RoSfest!

To all the Platinum, Gold, and regular seat ticket holders, thank you so much for your continued support. Without you, RoSfest would not be possible. I am truly blessed to have met all of you and feel honored and truly blessed to see your happy smiles. We are all part of a community that enjoys this music to come together once a year like a family reunion. We at RoSfest look forward to serving you again and are thrilled to be looking forward to 2019! Listen to the music and all of your pain goes away!

Next year’s dates, May 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2019 will be our 16th Anniversary and we plan to make it a great event starting off with our first headliner, “Riverside”. If you’re not familiar with this group, I would suggest taking a look at their website and
watch the video –

Moving forward, we plan to sell Platinum Seat Tickets in October followed by Gold seat tickets. Dates to be determined. The sale of these advance tickets ensures the ability to book great bands at RoSfest. We have a wish list that we would like to get at RoSfest 2019 and if any of you have any additional suggestions, please let us know. It’s always good to be connected to the pulse of RoSFest. Special Thanks to Rick Dashiell for his Flor De Loto suggestion. They were f’ing great!

Keep checking us out on our Facebook RoSfest group page for the latest news.

Find out more via the festival’s official website.

Thanks to everyone!
George Roldan