Threshold signed for ROSfest 2018

We are happy to announce that UK band Threshold have signed for ROSfest 2018 as the Saturday night headliners.

Formed by Karl Groom 29 years ago, Threshold have been an active live and studio band ever since and has been one of the key bands that have explored progressive metal in such a manner that it has also appealed to those whose taste in music have been more geared towards progressive rock. They have explored their particular take on progressive metal on 11 studio albums so far, the most recent of which is the double album, “Legends of the Shires”, that was released through German label, Nuclear Blast, in 2017.

As with many other bands, Threshold has had their fair share of line-up alterations over the years. Founder, Karl Groom (guitars), and Richard West (keyboards) are the constant elements. And as of 2017, they are joined by Glynn Morgan (vocals), Johanne James (drums) and Steve Anderson (bass). Morgan, who was the band’s vocalist in the mid 90’s, recently returned to the band following Damian Wilson’s departure. James and Anderson have been mainstays since 1999 and 2003 respectively.

Threshold has built themselves a reputation as a hard working band that deliver quality performances as well as quality albums. They are a high status band, perhaps even more renowned in metal circuits than in the progressive rock universe, but they have three decades worth of experience and a solid reputation as a band that will always deliver. Threshold is a natural headliner for a festival such as ROSfest and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing them hit the stage as the Saturday night headliners on May 5th 2018.

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Brand X signed for ROSFest 2018

We are delighted to announce that Brand X has been signed for ROSfest 2018 as the Friday night headliners.

UK band Brand X is one of the great band of progressive rock, in the view of many the band that defined what jazzrock was all about as seen from a progressive rock point of view. They initially appeared back in the mid 70’s, and in this initial phase they also featured the skills of Genesis drummer Phil Collins. Continue reading “Brand X signed for ROSFest 2018” »

Italian legends Premiata Forneria Marconi signed to ROSfest 2018

Were thrilled to announce that legendary Italian progressive rock band Premiata Forneria Marconi, also known as PFM, have been signed for the 2018 edition of the Rites of Spring festival. They are obviously signed as headliners and will be the band that concludes the festival on Sunday, May 6th.

PFM was formed in 1970 and they released several albums in that decade that are considered classics and cornerstones of symphonic progressive rock in Italian and English.  While later albums were met with less of a universal acclaim, the studio albums they have released in recent years have by and large been met with positive reactions from fans and reviewers alike. What has been well maintained all along are the qualities they have as a live band: A concert with PFM has always been an engaging and rewarding experience and many of their live albums are as highly regarded as their most popular studio productions. Continue reading “Italian legends Premiata Forneria Marconi signed to ROSfest 2018” »

Italian band BAROCK PROJECT signed for ROSFest 2018

We are excited to officially announce that Italian progressive rock band, Barock Project, has been signed to ROSfest 2018 and will appear as the third band on Saturday, May 5th. The band was formed by keyboardist Luca Zabbini and developed as a unit in the first half of the 2000’s. Their breakthrough came in 2012 with the release of their third album, “Coffee In Neukölln”. Since then, interest in the band has soared worldwide strengthened by the quality of their most recent albums “Skyline” (2015) and “Detachment” (2017). Continue reading “Italian band BAROCK PROJECT signed for ROSFest 2018” »

US band Shadow Merchant signed for the ROSfest 2018 After Party Events

We are pleased to announce that local progressive rock band Shadow Merchant has been signed as the After Party band for ROSfest 2018. They played for us last in 2014, then as the Friday night after party band.  Their set back then was described as “kickin’ ass”.

When Shadow Merchant returns in 2018, they will be a different  band with new members. Their current line-up consists of veteran members Sean Reiter (guitars) and Howard Whitman (vocals, bass), while Michael LaBuono (keyboards), David Lee (drums), and Yvonne Blackwell (vocals, percussion) are new additions to the band. Also new since their last ROSfest appearance is that Shadow Merchant will perform at both the Friday night and the Saturday night after parties. Continue reading “US band Shadow Merchant signed for the ROSfest 2018 After Party Events” »