Multinational band Sound of Contact have agreed to perform at ROSfest 2014. They are a new player on the scene, so to speak, but with a potential that secured them a contract with prestigious label Inside Out for their first and so far only release. As with all such stories, there’s a bit more than potential and quality alone that have given this new band a massive interest from the get go of course.

The instigator of this band is one Simon Collins. As a solo artist he has released three full length albums over the past decade, establishing his credentials firmly prior to venturing out into band and progressive rock circles. A vital part of his music resume and presumably more important for him than many others. Simon Collins is a vocalist and drummer both, just like his father Phil was. And Phil Collins is a musician that easily merits a description as famous. With an already established career, Simon has seen to it that he isn’t merely regarded as the son of his father when now following in his footsteps. The reception given to Sound of Contact’s debut album “Dimensionaut” in 2013 emphasize that clearly, with a steadily growing number of glowing reviews following in it’s wake.

We do admit that it is somewhat fascinating to book a band that has a member with such a family pedigree in progressive rock, but Sound of Contact were booked because this is a young, high quality band of established musicians that have a bright future ahead of them. We’re looking forward to enjoy Sound of Contact live, for live purposes consisting of Simon Collins (vocals, drums), Dave Kerzner (keyboards, vocals), Matt Dorsey (bass, vocals), Randy McStine (guitars) and Ronen Gordon (drums). And we’re proud to announce that they agreed to perform at ROSfest 2014.