As previously announced, newly reunited Polish band Collage have been booked for the 2014 edition of ROSfest. For internal booking and logistics reasons, Collage have kindly agreed to headline on Sunday evening and not Saturday evening as first announced. We’re truly grateful for Collage to agree to this scheduling alteration, and are convinced that they will conclude the 2014 edition of ROSfest in a splendid, memorable manner.

To recap our initial announcement about Collage signing to Rosfest 2014:
We are overjoyed to announce that Polish band Collage will perform at ROSfest 2014. This fine Polish band were one of the pioneering neo progressive bands, formed back in 1985 and with four classic albums to their name released during the 1990’s. Their specific style, with the guitar style of Mirek Gil as a strong mark of identity, made them a household name among just about everyone with a specific interest in neo progressive and symphonic progressive rock back then.
Collage disbanded in 1996, and the principal members have since formed other bands that have gained a strong following: Believe Collage, Satellite and Strawberry Fields the best known of these. One might say that Collage inspired and to some extent fuelled what is today described as the Polish progressive rock scene, their specific take on this type of music one that have inspired a plethora of Polish bands, this in addition to the bands that was formed by its members after they disbanded. Come 2013 and the members of Collage decided that it was time to reform the band. Robert Amirian (vocals), Mirek Gil (guitars), Krzyś Palczewski (keyboards), Piotr Mintay Witkowski (bass) and Wojtek Szadkowski (drums) are back together again, with a new album in the making and an initial small tour in the planning.

A decision we’re especially proud of is that the official reunion concert is the one they will have at ROSfest 2014. For such a classic band with such a history, giving us this particular honor, it should come as no surprise that they have been chosen as a headliner for ROSfest 2014. The Sunday night headliner slot has been awarded to Collage, and we’re as excited about this as you all are. A historic event for us, our audience and the band.

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At last: This coming Saturday, November 2nd 2013, the Gold Tickets for ROSfest 2014 go on sale. The order link can be found on the ROSfst homepage (direct link:, and the order link will be activated at noon, 12:00, on November the 2nd.