Phideaux Xavier is a progressive rock musician whose unique musical style

gained the attention of the progressive rock community in the US and Europe upon the 2007 release of his “Doomsday Afternoon” album, the second installment of a trilogy that began in 2006 with “The Great Leap.

Phideaux is now back with a new album and back on stage with his full band. This group of ten musicians is comprised of many childhood friends and comrades who have played on his more recent albums. Together, the band tackles a kaleidoscope of haunting vocals, multiple keyboards and upbeat, intricate, rock music.

The group is comprised of:

Phideaux Xavier – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Ariel Farber – Vocals, Violin

Valerie Gracious – Lead Vocals, Piano

“Bloody” Rich Hutchins – Drums

Mathew Kennedy – Bass Guitar

Gabriel Moffat – Electric Guitar

Molly Ruttan – Vocals, Percussion

Linda Ruttan-Moldawsky – Vocals, Sound Effects

Mark Sherkus – Keyboards

Johnny Unicorn – Keyboards, Sax, Vocals

The new double album, “Infernal”, is the final and eagerly awaited chapter in Phideaux’s trilogy, and a fitting finale to his carefully crafted “eco terror tale”. Phideaux and his band have played several festivals since the release of Doomsday, including RoSfest (US), Summer’s End (UK), Crescendo (France), Terra Incognita (Canada), and 3RP (US). Other recent album releases have included “Number Seven” and “Snowtorch”.

While widely considered progressive rock, Phideaux’s music is difficult to

categorize. It has been called cryptic, mysterious and frightening, as well as playful, melodic, and mischievous. Whether it’s progressive, art or psychedelic rock, Phideaux consistently pushes musical boundaries and defies genre.

Join Phideaux and his cohorts as they celebrate the cinematic sounds of the Doomsday Afternoon trilogy live in 2019.

In Dissonance We Play The Sleepers Wake Early

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