RoSfest 2016 is in the books and it was a huge success! This year offered many challenges as we dealt with the sudden death of Riverside’s guitarist Piotr Grudzinski and substituted Riverside with the amazing Spock’s Beard. We also had to deal with last minute logistical nightmares and having the Strawbs almost cancelling their performance. We managed to squeeze the Strawbs in on Sunday with a stellar performance. My sincere gratitude goes to Bent Knee and Zebra for giving up time from their set to give the Strawbs time to play. Hats off to the Strawbs for having the love and dedication to perform four shows in two days. Not bad for a bunch of guys that have been together for over 45 years.

Next year, we plan to have the Saturday night after hour’s party as an open mic night and we encourage musicians and patrons to have fun on the stage. I say we bring back the “hootenanny” as it developed late at the after – hour’s party on Saturday night. There are some sweet dancers out there!


There are so many people to thank this year and I would like to start by thanking my staff starting with Donna O’Donnell. Hat’s off to you for another great job well done. I owe a debt of gratitude to our production guru Kevin Madrishin, who spent many hours dealing with the logistical nightmares that RoSfest offered this year. You are amazing sir! Big thanks go out to Krista Phillips and Darryl Sipf who work behind the scenes dealing with band itineraries, transportation and scheduling. Thanks again to Brendan Hollyking Leber, the official sheepherder whoI swear was wearing a fez hat but a really cool one indeed. Brenden deals with bringing the artist to their signature meet and greet with the fans at the Majestic and stepped up to accommodate the platinum ticket holders as well. Thanks to Glen Fitzgerald, for handling the merch table this year. Blake Carpenter, I am very happy with the work you’ve done on the website. You built a good easy site to navigate which is Thanks! Huge thanks go out to Anthony Roldan who was assigned the assistant production manager job at the after-hour’s party on both nights. Nicely done! Thanks to All Sound Pro for providing a sweet system at the after-hours party. Another huge thanks to our stage crew from Bauder Audio Systems for providing a professional and quality crew year after year. You guys are the absolute best in the business, and it’s an honor to work with you. Thanks to Carl our Monitor engineer. Craig, our Front of House Engineer. Rob and Dave – Amps and Tech. Special thanks go out to our lighting company, Spirit Sound Lighting and their staff. They did a fantastic job. I heard nothing but great comments on the lights. Everyone’s face was lit on the stage. Thank you to Ryan, David and T.J. Being associated with all of you has been an honor and a blessing. This year, every single band was on schedule and that’s because of the dedication of all of you. Immense and huge thanks to all of you.

Special thanks go out to everyone at the Majestic Theater. Jonathan Stiles, Robert Brown, Matthew Moon, Jennifer Coale and all of your incredibly talented and fun crew. Thank you SO much for making sure that our show runs without hassle. A special thank you must also go out to Jeffrey Gabel, the Executive Director of the Majestic Theater and for welcoming us back year after year. We are incredibly proud and honored to call The Majestic Theater our home. Huge thanks to all the bands for their dedication to the music and for giving us superb performances. The fans appreciate you as much as we do at RoSfest. A special thank you to Michelle L. Bouffard, Rayna Monforti and Michael Demichele MD for stepping up as volunteers. Plus, a special thank you to the love of my life, Beth Wilson, for her great support and wisdom. I love you, Beth!


To the patrons and the new fans who came to RoSfest 2016, we thank each and every one of you. It is truly an honor to be a part of this incredible community of people and our staff is thrilled to be looking at RoSfest 2017 on May 5th, 6th and 7th! Please join us and experience The Neal Morse Band as our Saturday night headliner!

George Roldan