RoSfest 2015 was a huge success and our staff looks forward to being with you again in 2016!

I would like to thank my staff starting with Krista Phillips, Co-producer, who works behind the lines dealing with band itineraries, transportation and scheduling. Huge thanks go out to Donna O’Donnell for once again not tearing my head off and ensuring that our foreign bands make it to USA soil. She is without a doubt priceless to our festival and a huge debt of gratitude goes her way.


Big thanks go out to Darryl Sipf, our unsung transportation hero for picking up the bands at all the various airports. Thanks again to Brendan Hollyking Leber, “sheep herder”, as he deals with bringing the artist to their signature meet and greet with the fans at the Majestic. This job is not easy, especially when dealing with high spirited adrenalin pumped artists that just got off the stage. It’s very time consuming, but of course we have someone we can count on like Brendan. Glenn Fitzgerald, you are the “Merch” guru and I’m very happy to have you on our staff. You have always had artistic freedom to bring your choice of color schemes and design to our T-shirts. Thanks again for bringing such good quality merch to the festival. Blake GreenMan Carpenter, I am very happy with the work you have done on the website. You built a good easy site to navigate which is Thanks! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to hire Blake. Special thanks goes out to Kevin Madrishen, Production Manager, who worked through an infection that almost immobilized him over the weekend. I know what this festival means to everyone, especially Kevin, but I hated seeing him in pain. His dedication to the festival starts in early March dealing with all the bands and festival needs. Being associated with Kevin has been a blessing and an honor. This year, every single band was on schedule and that’s because of Kevin’s great production management.


Photo courtesy Phil Merkel

Huge thanks to our stage crew from Bauder Audio Systems for providing a professional and quality crew year after year. You guys are the absolute best in the business, and it’s an honor to work with you. Thanks to Teddy the Drum tech, and Carl our Monitor engineer. Craig, our Front of House Engineer, and Bobby Mac – Amps and keyboards.

Special thanks go out to our new lighting company, Spirit Sound Lighting and their staff. They did a great job for their first RoSfest. Everyone’s face was lit on the stage. Thank you to Ryan, David and T.J.

Special thanks go out to all our volunteers for helping organize the after hour parties both on Friday and Saturday night. Thanks for the afterhours party bands, Fanfare and Might Could. It was great seeing your performances at the festival. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Great thanks go out to everyone at the Majestic Theater. Jonathan Stiles, Robert Brown, Matthew Moon, Jennifer Coale and all of your incredibly talented and fun crew. Thank you SO much for making sure that our show runs without hassle. A special thank you must also go out to Jeffrey Gabel, the Executive Director of the Majestic Theater and for welcoming us back year after year. We are incredibly proud and honored to call The Majestic Theater our home.

Of course, we couldn’t put together this list without thanking all of the amazing artists who graced our stage this year. Every single band was incredible and we sincerely appreciate all of your hard work that brings us such amazing performances. Thank you!

To the patrons and the new fans who came to RoSfest 2015, we thank you all. We wouldn’t be looking at going into our thirteenth year if it was not for all of you. It truly is an honor to be a part of this incredible community of people and we are thrilled to be looking at RoSfest 2016!

George Roldan