Swiss band CLEPSYDRA has agreed to join the line-up of ROSfest 2014. Clepsydras were one of the flag bearers for progressive rock during the 1990’s. With little or no interest from media back then, and without the internet as a marketing tool, they were among the bands that still chose to record and perform this type of music back then. They recorded and released four studio albums in these troubled times for progressive rock bands: “Hologram” (1991), “More Grains of Sand” (1994), “Fears” (1998) and “Alone” (2001). Clepsydra entered a state of hiatus in 2002, just as progressive rock started its internet fuelled revival.
Twelve years later, Clepsydra announced that they were getting back together. With a line-up consisting of Aluisio Maggini (vocals), Marco Cerulli (guitars, saxophone), Phil Hubert (keyboards), Andy Thommen (bass) and Pietro Duca (drums) they started rehearsing in the early summer of 2013, preparing for their 2014 reunion tour. Once again they will treat audiences to their special breed of neo progressive rock, based on strong melodies and atmospheres. For references in style, they have generally been compared to the likes of Fish-era Marillion, Jadis and IQ. A sound and a style we know many adore, including a substantial part of the core ROSfest audience.
We have chosen to give Clepsydra the grand honor of opening ROSFest 2014, getting the party going in a suitable style and atmosphere. We are proud and somewhat humbled about the fact that Clepsydra wanted to include ROSfest 2014 as one of the dates of their reunion tour, and are as eagerly awaiting the opportunity to see this historic band on stage as we know many of our regular guests are.

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