Formed in 2011, US band ELEPHANTS OF SCOTLAND is a quartet of seasoned musicians each with decades worth of band experience. Their common desire for progressive rock brought them together, and their debut album “Home Away From Home” has been met with a lot of praise worldwide.

When we run a festival like ROSfest, we feel a responsibility to introduce our audience to some of the finest bands we can get hold of. Top quality acts, and these days we are actually rather spoilt for choice in that department. We will always try to find some space for the lesser known bands too, and Elephants of Scotland are one of those. With one album to their name they have yet to become established. We’re certain that they will find themselves plenty of new followers at ROSfest 2014 however, and that their performance here will help fuel a career that has started out really well with a true gem of a debut album.

With Rush, Genesis and Porcupine Tree as some of their stated influences, we’re convinced that Elephants of Scotland, consisting of Dan MacDonald (bass, vocals), Adam Rabin (keyboards, vocals), John M. Whyte (guitars, vocals) and Ornan McLean (drums), will kickstart Saturday morning at ROSfest 2014 in an elegant and convincing manner.