RoSfest Saturday lineup announced for ROSfest 2015

The twelfth edition of The Rites of Spring Festival will take place on May 1st – 3rd 2015 in Gettysburg, PA. UK progressive metal band Haken will headline the Saturday bill on May 2nd. The supporting slots for Saturday have been given to UK neo-progressive band Abel Ganz, US/Mexican heavy prog band Sonus Umbra and US progressive rock band Strattman.

The opening slot on Saturday the 2nd of May has been given to US band Strattman.

This is a fairly new project, who released their debut album “The Lie of the Beholder ” in 2014. Those with a deeper knowledge in the underground prog scene will be aware of main man Roy Strattman however, as he has been a guitarist in US band Little Atlas for more than a decade by now, his skills as a performer and composer in that band earning him quite a lot of praise over the years. Accompanying Strattman at ROSfest 2015 will be a band consisting of Ricardo Bigai (bass), Steve Katsikas (keyboards), Eric Haugen (guitars) and Mark Whobrey (drums), while Roy will handle vocals and guitar duties himself. In summary: The performing band will be Little Atlas with an additional guitarist. Strattman will most likely bring along some copies of their debut album too, a produiction that have earned a lot praise from the reviewers that have covered it so far, drawing comparisons to artists as diverse as The Beatles, Porcupine Tree and King Crimson.

Strattman Band Photo Five Members

“ROSfest have tried to establish a tradition of signing new high quality, homegrown bands, and Strattman fits that bill to a T”.

Second band out on ROSfest’s Saturday bill in 2015 is US band Sonus Umbra.

Originally formed in Mexico back in 1991, then calling themselves Radio Silence, they renamed themselves following a relocation to the US, and they were an active band at the start of the millenium with three critically acclaimed studio albums to their name released between 2000 and 2005. ROSfest veterans will also recall that they were signed to the very first edition of ROSfest back in 2004. Following several years of inactivity Sonus Umbra returned with a new line-up and the album “Winter Soulstice” in 2013. The current members of Sonus Umbra are Roey Ben-Yoseph (vocals), Rich Poston (guitars), Brian Harris (keyboards), Steve Royce (flute, vocals), Tim McCaskey (guitars), Andy Tillotson (drums) and Luis Nasser (bass).


“Luis Nasser in Sonus Umbra is a good friend of the festival, and once we found out that he had reestablished Sonus Umbra, which was one of the most promising bands in the scene a decade ago, we knew we had to sign them for ROSfest 2015”.

The third band to perform on Saturday May 2nd is UK band Abel Ganz.

They are among the veterans in the UK based progressive rock scene, and was a part of the original neo progressive scene of the 1980’s. Following four studio productions released between 1984 and 1994 Abel Ganz went on a lengthy hiatus, but ever since they returned with the CD “Shooting Albatross” in 2008 their standing and popularity has been steadily increasing. Their most recent CD is the self-titled “Abel Ganz” from 2014, a production that have been very well received by reviewers and the buying public alike. The current incarnation of Abel Ganz consists of Stuart MacFarlane (vocals, guitars), Denis Smith (drums), Stevie Donnelly (bass), Stephen Lightbody (keyboards), Davie Mitchell (guitars).


“Signing quality neo progressive bands have been something of a trademark feature for ROSfest over the years, and when we had the possibility to get one of the original neo bands, and a band that appears to be at the peak of their creativity and popularity now rather than 30 years ago as well, signing Abel Ganz to ROSfest 2015 was a no-brainer”

On the top of the bill for the Saturday line-up at ROSfest 2015 we find UK band Haken.

They came into being as late as 2007, and ever sine the release of their debut album “Aquarius” in 2010 this is a band we have been following closely. Haken have seen a rapid rise in popularity in the relative few years they have been around, landing a record deal with US label Laser’s Edge for their second album “Visions” in 2011, a production that further elevated their stature amongst people with an interested in sophisticated music. Haken was signed to renowned German label Inside Out for their third studio CD “The Mountain” in 2013, an album that firmly cemented Haken’s place as one of the elite performers in the current progressive rock and metal scene with their brand of progressive metal flavored with jazzoriented touches and an approach that have earned them comparisons to the likes of Gentle Giant. The current line-up of Haken is Charlie Griffiths (guitars), Ray Hearne (drums), Richard Henshall (guitars, keyboards), Ross Jennings (vocals), Diego Tejeida (keyboards) and Conner Green (bass).

“Haken is an obvious choice as headliners for ROSfest. We’ve had them on our list for a few years now, and following an increasing demand by our core audience we’re excited to finally be able to announce them for ROSfest 2015”.


Sandor Kwiatkowski announced as the official ROSfest artist.

For the second year running we have chosen to cooperate with Swiss artist Sandor Kwiatkowski for all our official artwork and design. Besides the official festival logo and the main festival poster, the latter an image of a beautiful woman looking back at a stormy seashore scene with an old clock hovering above it, his artwork and design will be used for all the official merchandise for ROSfest 2015.

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