The case of US band Fright Pig is a curious one. We received their album, loved what we heard through and through, and started to check for information about the band. And came up empty. We have mailed with them, spoken with them, but we don’t know who they actually are. But with a debut album like the one they have made themselves, we knew we had to book them for ROSfest 2014.

With references to pork and pigs aplenty, the main man of this band have oinked about this project in a manner that most certainly documents that this isn’t a creation from someone residing in a pigsty. Not that there are too many of those in Fright Pig’s stated home location of New York. But the Fright Pig have gathererd his pigions and have agreed to venture out from the barnyard and all the way to Gettysburg to prove that he and his porcine underlings can impress just as much on stage as they can on their debut album and their tongue-in-cheek press releases. One might say that this is a case of bringing home the bacon, in a more or less literal sense.

For new bands that we feel will truly amaze and surprise our audience, we have a slot well known by our regular audience. The opening slot on Sunday morning is reserved for these cases, and we call this part of ROSfest the church of prog. While there may be a remote danger for occasional grunts, oinks and trottering on stage, rest assured that whatever swineish antics Fright Pig decides to bring along, the music will be excellent. Even if we fell for the temptation to do a bit of hog-baiting with this announcement.