In just over 9 months, the 2016 edition of ROSfest will take place at the Majestic Theater in Gettysburg, PA. We’re pleased to announce that the first band signed for next year’s festival is US band Perfect Beings.

The seeds of the band Perfect Beings were sown in 2012, when composer and guitarist Johannes Luley approached singer/songwriter Ryan Hurtgen about the possibility of jointly creating a conceptual, progressive rock album. They subsequently began working on the creation of material for a good, old fashioned concept album. Joined by Chris Tristam (bass), Jesse Nason (keyboards) and Dicki Fliszar (drums), the new band recorded material and chose their name to be Perfect Beings. The band launched a self-titled album in 2014 to critical acclaim and what merits a description as a commercially successful reception from the progressive rock audience. The success of the album has also led them to be nominated for the “Limelight” award courtesy of the UK music magazine “Prog”. Perfect Beings is currently wrapping up the financing and recording of their forthcoming second album, to be released in good time before ROSfest 2016 kicks off.

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With their contemporary and accessible take on classic progressive rock, Perfect Beings is a band that has caught the interest of music lovers all across the spectrum, and have an appeal that stretches even beyond the classic progressive rock crowd. Their standing in progressive rock circles is high and rising higher, and we’re convinced that this is a band that will go down a storm.


“Perfect Beings is a band that has piqued the interest of many of our regular guests, and we’re very happy to be able to announce them as the first band confirmed for ROSfest 2016.”

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