Collage is the first Polish neo prog band who gained popularity outside homeland and became widely known to prog fans all over the world and its legend is getting even stronger as time passes by.
Collage was founded by Mirek Gil (gitar)and Wojtek Szadkowski (drums) In 1985 in Warsaw, Poland. Both gentlemen were great songwriters responsible for the majoraty of compositions on all band’s albums and Wojtek has written nearly all lyrics for Collage songs. They are Collage’s backbone and leaders till now.
Collage’s first release entitled “Basnie” (Fairytales) released In 1990 received enthusiastic reception by both fans and critics. Basnie, written In Polish language, entered German, Frace, Duch and Italian markets. Collage members were completely unaware of this fact till 1992 when Italian label Winyl Magic released the album In Italy a year later.
Back In Poland in annual pool of the major music magazine “Teraz Rock” Collage reached no. 7 in the category Best Polish Band of the year.
After a few line up changes , In 1993 Collage released Nine Songs Of Jon Lennon – a tribute album including covers of John Lennon Songs. Till today Collage versions of those classic songs are considered one of the most innovative and creative covers ever recorded.
At that time the line up changes were finalny over and the band could quietly work on another demo In English language. It was sent to many European labels and Collage has finally signed to IS Music a Duth label. The band moved to Heeze, near Eindhoven ,Holland to record the next album.
In 1994 Collage released the album entitled Moonshine. It was a huge commercial and artistic succes and till now is considered one of the best prog rock album In the world ever recorded. In Poland it was voted the 6th best rock album of all limes and entered the top five of Polish records of 1995. And this was only the beginning.
In 1995 Roadruner Records released the album worldwide, including Japan and Korea.
After this both the band and the album became widely recognizable, winning nearly all prog rock pools and rankings worldwide.
Collage overnight became a headliner and started extensive touring In Europe. The band soon gained the reputation of one of the best live prog rock acts In the world.
Soon, as a result of this success all other Collage albums were released outside Poland.

Collage also toured together with Fish twice (1994 + 1995). They performed In front of 50.000 fans In Poland together with Uriah Heep In Warsaw Poland. They made countless gigs and radio and TV appearances to promote their albums.

In 1996 Collage released their next album entitled Safe. After the promotional tour the band decided to suspend their activity. Mirek Gil created with a great success Believe and Mr. Gil, Wojtek Szadkowski Satellite, Strawberry Fileds and Peter Pan.

In 2013 Collage members met again and started heavy rehearsals for the upcoming tour. The brand New album is planned for 2014.

Here is a Short Collage biography by PROGARHIVES

This (…) Neo Prog band from Poland was not only the most important band from this country in the 90’s; It figures among the best Neo Prog bands in the world. Blending heavy keyboard background with extremely melodical guitar and vocals, they were able to deliver an original and very interseting music. Intricate tempo changes differenciate this band from the competition amongst their style, with vocals in Polish and English depending on the album.

“Moonshine” is one of the greatest symphonic progressive rock CD’s of the modern era. This CD features great production, wonderful melodies and singing with superb playing-both as accompaniment and tasty biting solos and fills. WONDERFUL!!!

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