Abel Ganz


In 2002 after a very lengthy hiatus Abel Ganz reformed to perform at a benefit gig at the Classic Rock Society in Rotherham, UK. This was enjoyed so much by all involved that it sparked off the desire to produce a new album. In 2008 Shooting Albatross was released. The album was very well received and was the essence of the new direction the band was heading. Not long after this release founding members Hugh Carter and Hew Montgomery decided to pass the baton and leave the band in the safe hands of Stevie Donnelly, Mick Macfarlane, Denis Smith, Davie Mitchell, and Jack Webb. With this stable line up new creative elements began to emerge and a more pastoral and diverse sound began to surface.

After some notable gigs at The Baltic Prog Festival in Lithuania and the Electric Garden Festival in the UK work began on their latest release titled simply Abel Ganz. On this new release the band were able to draw upon everyone’s creative input – the results of which have earned the band some of the highest praise from reviewers around the world and seen the band fully make the transition from one era to the next with a fusion of melodies and harmonies with subtle nuances and a truly progressive feel.

The decision to utilise brass along with pedal steel, flutes, and whistles infusing traditional themes, Americana, rock and jazzy overtones has borne fruit and has allowed Abel Ganz to step away from their neo and symphonic roots to become something entirely original and captivating while staying true to the essence of progressive music.

Abel Ganz
Denis Smith – Drummer
Stevie Donnelly – Bass
Stephen Lightbody – Keyboards
Mick McFarlane – lead vox,guitars
Davie Mitchell – lead guitar