Might Could

Might Could consists of Andy Tillotson, Tim McCaskey, and Aaron Geller on acoustic guitar, and Luis (Gordo) Nasser on acoustic bass. They’ve been writing fun and engaging instrumental music featuring tightly interlocking guitar parts for over a decade.


Originally based in Maryland, where the band went to school together, Might Could has mostly relocated to Chicago. Over the past few years, they’ve slowly worked on writing and recording Relics From The Wasteland, their first new album since 2007′s Wood Knot.   The new album features more percussion (even some V-Drums!), a pair of covers, and their most collaborative songwriting to date. Their influences remain similar: rock, metal, classical, jazz (including gypsy jazz), and video game music.

Andy Tillotson – Guitar
Tim McCaskey – Guitar
Aaron Geller – Guitar
Luis Nasser – Bass

Might Could Official site – http://www.mightcould.net/
Might Could on Facebook