Sonus Umbra


Sonus Umbra – pig latin for “shadows made of sound” – was originally formed in Mexico City, circa 1989. While the band developed a strong following in the early days, touring to support albums was next to impossible once members became geographically dispersed throughout London, Baltimore, Raleigh and Mexico City. After some personnel changes, the insurmountable erosion of logistics and an astonishing amount of booze, the band went on indefinite hiatus/ dead without obituary mode following the release of their critically acclaimed, but never performed 4th album, “Digging for Zeros” (2005). In 2006, Nasser moved to Chicago where he soon found himself performing in prog tribute acts, including the Champions of Nothing (Kevin Gilbert), Silver Pipe (Jethro Tull) and Fanfare (ELP). This opened the doors to a circle of talented, creative musicians eager to put together an original project, and thus Sonus Umbra came back from the dead with an almost all-new line-up of nimble-fingered, disturbo-minded, beer-savvy Chicago musicians. The band was complete with Andy Tillotson and Tim McCaskey of Might Could, and in August 2013 Sonus Umbra released their 5th studio album “Winter Soulstice”. Their performance at ROSfest 2015 will mark the 11th anniversary of their Church of prog slot at the first ever ROSfest in Phoenixville, PA. Any of you still have some of those crusty, bouncy eyeballs? Who knows what we’ll have in store this time around?


Sonus Umbra is:
Roey Ben-Yoseph – Lead vocals, Drums
Steve Royce – Flute, Vocals, Keyboards
Rich Poston – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Tim McCaskey – Guitar, Vocals
Andy Tillotson – Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Luis Nasser – Bass

With very special guest:
Brittany Lee Moffitt – Lead vocals, Percussion.

Sonus Umbra website: