3RDegree formed at the tail end of 1990 when Robert James Pashman (vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist) found drummer Robert Durham, and, by the next summer, added guitarist Pat Kliesch to the fold. By the fall of 1991 the band was writing, recording and playing live, releasing their first album, actually a cassette, in the summer of 1993: “The World in Which We Live.” Writing and recording of a sophomore effort continued until the summer of 1995, when the band decided to recruit a world-class lead vocalist in one George Dobbs (not to mention keyboardist), who re-recorded most of Pashman’s vocals for the album “Human Interest Story,” released in April of 1996. Sadly, the pressures of cutting through the static of the New York City music scene and a pre-internet prog community sent the band to a premature end in January of 1997.

Years of radio silence ended in December of 2005 when the power trio of 3RDegree gathered in Hoboken, NJ, to see if it was worth working on some of the material left on the cutting room floor in the final days of the band’s 90’s run. Finding Dobbs, demoing old and new songs, as well as preparing for “the reunion concerts” at the New Jersey Proghouse kept them busy for most of 2006-2007. Eric Pseja joined the band for these shows and became an official member 2 years later. “Narrow Caster,” their “comeback” album, was the 2008 offering that gathered the band a head of steam, adding many more ears, accolades and a festival appearance at the 2009 edition of ProgDay. The following year this performance was captured for a DVD/Blu-ray chronicling the event, and Aaron Nobel replaced Durham as drummer. The band soon found themselves working on 2 albums at once, but decided to move forward with their political/apolitical-focused songs in light of the approaching American election year. With this album’s cover and song list, the 2012 U.S. election had a soundtrack, and its name was “The Long Division.” The press left glowing reviews for a band improving exponentially from album to album.

Flash-forward to 2015 and 3RDegree storms back onto the modern progressive rock scene with a brand new full-length album release, “Ones & Zeros: Vol. 1,” the highly anticipated follow-up to “The Long Division.” 3RDegree infuses their music with an infectiously melodic song-centric approach that reaches a new pinnacle with “Ones & Zeros: Vol. 1.” This release, the band’s 5th, fully cements them into the upper tier of artists capable of combining complex musicianship with unforgettable hooks.

“Ones & Zeros: Vol. 1” is thematically linked to the issues of transhumanism, life extension, the singularity, and the ethics associated with the rapid progress of technology. “Ones & Zeros: Vol. 1” features George Dobbs (lead vocals, keyboards), Robert James Pashman (bass, keyboards, backing vocals), Patrick Kliesch (guitar, backing vocals), Eric Pseja (guitar, backing vocals), Aaron Nobel (drums and percussion), and a new addition, Bryan Zeigler (lead guitar, backing vocals).

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3RDegree “You’re Fooling Yourselves” (Music Video)

3RDegree “Apophenia” live at Terra Incognita Festival