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Bent Knee is a genre-defying art-rock collective from Boston. Fiercely innovative, the band bridges the gap between the experimental and the familiar, merging texture and style into music that’s moving, addictive, and unapologetically original. Drawing from an expansive sonic palette edged by the touchstones of heavy psych, baroque pop, and avant-jazz, the ensemble crafts compositions with melodies that swell and collapse, only to coalesce unexpectedly into anthemic crescendo. Described as “grand, serene, and progressive” (The Needle Drop), the group has a new sound with a vast scope, and yet their music is infused with thrilling immediacy, cutting straight to the soul.

Formed in 2009 at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, the band — Courtney Swain (vocals/keyboards), Ben Levin (guitar/vocals), Chris Baum (violin/vocals), Jessica Kion (bass/vocals), Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth (drums), and Vince Welch (synth/sound design) — came together over a shared love of artistic evolution and progression, sculpting their sound through a writing practice based on unanimity. This collaborative creative process utilized across such a wide range of backgrounds and influences has resulted in “a totally unique, mind-blowing, and genre-defiant sound” (Atlas and The Anchor), conjuring music that “demands attention…you’d have to be brain-dead to ignore it” (Music Related Junk). Their latest studio release, ‘Shiny Eyed Babies,’ has been embraced by fans and critics alike, collecting Album of the Year accolades from numerous publications. Called “a magnificent work of art” (Seattle Passive Aggressive), “flawless” (Allston Pudding), and “the most meticulously designed and inventive music of the year” (Chickenham Music), the album is “defining modern music” (No Ripcord), pushing the boundaries of the genre with grace and veracity.
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Distilling the musical lives of six virtuosic obsessives into something bracingly new, the ensemble’s work is both raw and cerebral, innovation that remains within reach. Their sonic world is “from another dimension…absorbing and absolutely incomprehensible,” (The Bay Bridged) and can be enjoyed simply floating on the surface, certainly. However, those willing to plunge down into the depths will find the hidden secrets that dwell beneath and touch the spark of creativity. Combining immense depth and musicality with enthralling melody and grand arrangement, Bent Knee is high art for the masses.

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