No More Pain

New Jersey-based band No More Pain has been signed as the opening band on Sunday, in the slot that has been given the slightly tongue-in-cheek name The Church of Prog. The name references the fact that the concert takes place during church time, and is a concert that will be seen by the most dedicated in our prog congregation; therefore, we always fill this slot with something special as a reward for the truly committed who choose to attend.

No More Pain is a young and talented unit with two full-length albums that blend influences and inspirations from across the prog spectrum. With an easy touch many can envy, the band incorporates art pop, classic progressive rock, and harder-edged tendencies, including some progressive metal, into a finely developed and well-flavored brew. Elements of their sound will resonate with fans of Peter Gabriel, Kansas, Pink Floyd and Dream Theater. No More Pain’s latest album “The Post Human Condition” was released in early 2015; band members include Mike Roman (guitars, vocals), Dan Rainone (drums, vocals),  John Moroney (bass), and Matt McDermott (keyboards, vocals).


“No More Pain was an obvious choice for ROSfest 2016, as they continue our ongoing policy of securing spots for young, promising homegrown bands in the ROSfest line-up.”

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No More Pain (Band) Promo 2015 video