ProgNation (Yes, Genesis, ELP, King Crimson, Moody Blues)

Chris Cuda – Guitar/Vocals

Chris is a self-taught all-around guitarist/composer. Chris learned music by listening to records, concerts, and by hanging around pioneer jazz guitarist Bill DeArango. Chris has recorded and/or performed with Rocket from the Tombs  and his first prog rock band THIS in the 70s; Horns & Things, R&B bands, and solo career projects in the 80s; The Outsiders, Len Berry, and Tommy Roe in the 90s; and Cuda RenKo Cuda in the 2000s.

Chris, along with his brother, Tony, formed an original prog/jazz trio in 2006 called CuDa, RenKo & CuDa. The band released 3 CD’s and played many concerts with some of the most influential recording artists of our lifetime, including: Allan Holdsworth, Adrian Belew, Tony Levin/Stickmen, Carl Palmer (ELP), Ambrosia, Project Object (former Zappa members), Martin Barre (Jethro Tull),  Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin, and Mike Clark.

Tony Cuda – Bass Guitar/Vocals

Tony Cuda is a schooled musician, composer and bass player. After spending three years at Berklee School of Music in Boston, Tony hit the road with an original fusion band in the early 1980s. After playing the New England scene for 5 years, Tony returned to Cleveland to rejoin his brother Chris, eventually co-founding their current group ProgNation. The brothers also formed an original prog/jazz trio in 2006 called CuDa, RenKo & CuDa. The band released 3 CD’s and played many concerts with some of the most influential artists of our lifetime including Allan Holdsworth, Adrian Belew, Tony Levin/Stickmen, Carl Palmer (ELP), Ambrosia and Project Object (former Zappa members), Martin Barre (Jethro Tull), Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin,  and Mike Clark.

Tony’s main influences are Weather Report, Yes, King Crimson and Miles Davis, among many others.

Steve Koleszar – Lead Vocals

Steve Koleszar (lead vocals) officially got his start in public musical performance with a children’s ukulele at age 3, strumming nonsense chords and belting out his child-version of The Banana Boat Song (day-o, day-o, day-delight and me wanna go home!).

The next steps were drums in grade school, choir, guitar, joining many, many bands over the years, including a studio project. Notables were a power trio called Triad, then Pentagon with Steve as front man /vocalist, followed by a stint as lead vocalist for Champion. This gave way to further formal education, marriage and family, and then a return to vocal performance with City Heat featuring the Cuda brothers.

Presently, Steve performs classic rock with The Rockin’ Ravers, and now also enjoys bringing his voice to the performance of progressive rock music with ProgNation. “It’s a very natural thing for me,” Steve states, “digging into some of the truly great works of bands like Yes, King Crimson, and Genesis. For several years in the mid-1970s that’s mostly what I listened to, and I’ve envisioned doing this type of project for several years. And the time has arrived to do it!”

Marty Zlocki – Drums

Marty Z has performed in classic rock/tribute bands of all kinds since 1985. His styles and influences include Fusion, Big Band, and Classic Prog Rock.

One of the more notable artists he works with today is Time Traveller, North America’s most recognizable Moody Blues tribute, often performing with accompanying orchestras and symphonies around America.

Even while going to finish his MBA, Marty performed with Yes tribute band Envision (1997-2001), and other progressive bands such as Paul Fayrewether (Genesis, Jethro Tull) (1999-2011).

Marty Z has recently gone back to C-Town Studios to do session work for Tom Baker/Jack Novotny these last few years.

Bruce Kowalski – Keyboards/Vocals

Bruce Kowalski has shared the stage with the likes of Sha Na Na, Uriah Heap, Peter Frampton, Glass Harp, and Rare Earth to name a few. With a keen sense for harmonies and orchestration, Bruce opens more avenues for the complex prog material the band performs.  Adding another strong vocal to ProgNation has been invaluable.


Location: Cleveland, Ohio USA


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