Barock Project

Barock Project was founded in 2003 by pianist and composer, Luca Zabbini ( The initial aim was to combine classical music (mainly Baroque style), and rock music with a touch of jazz harmony.

Inspired by Keith Emerson, Luca set out to play a full range of styles fuelled by his overall love for 1970s progressive rock music.
In January 2007 the band performed with a string quartet (arrangements by Zabbini) in Bologna and went on to release the DVD “Rock in the theatre”.

But it wasn’t until December 2007 that the band released its first studio album “Misteriose Voci” (Musea Records) which received positive reviews from around the world.  This was followed by a second album, “Rebus” in 2009, released by the Italian label, Mellow Record.
In March 2012, the band returned to Musea Records to release its third album “Coffee in Neukölln” which marked a sharp turn in the band’s direction as they abandoned the Italian language in favour of English lyrics.

2015 saw the release of the critically acclaimed album “Skyline” with album artwork by Paul Whitehead ( well-known throughout the progressive rock world as the man behind the early Genesis album covers.
In 2016 the band released its first live album “Vivo”, a double cd celebrating the first ten years of the band’s history.

Their latest album “Detachment”, released March 2017, marks another shift in direction with Luca stepping in to record vocals following a line-up change, with two tracks (Broken and Alone) featuring vocals and lyrics by the man behind Tiger Moth Tales, Peter Jones. Only after the album had been recorded was a new frontman found in Alex Mari (, who then joined Luca and Francesco Caliendo (bass) as the band’s core members.  The band’s live formation boasts Andy Bartolucci on drums (  and Goblin’s Giacomo Anselmi on electric guitar (

Happy To See You


DETACHMENT – Barock Project new album 2017 – Promo showreel from Artalia Channel on Vimeo.


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