Bolus is a progressive rock band based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The two current founding members, Nick Karch (guitars / lead vocals / keyboards) and Mat Keselman (drums / percussion / vocals / flute) are joined by newly added Daniel Avner (bass guitar / bass pedals/ vocals). On their journey as musical artists, Bolus are continuously expanding their fan base around Toronto and the rest of the world. Live, Bolus performs as a 4 piece, utilizing the help of live keyboardist and guitarist, Kyle Grounds, to enhance the audience’s aural experience. The band’s music and performances have received high praise by critics around the world, noting the complexity, creativity, musicality and originality in their sound. Bolus has released two studio records: Watch Your Step (2005) and Delayed Reaction (2010). The members of Bolus are currently working on their third studio record, scheduled for release around November 2012. Most members of Bolus have long hair.

Bolus – current line-up:
Nick Karch (guitars / lead vocals / keyboards
Mat Keselman (drums / percussion / vocals / flute)
Daniel Avner (bass guitar / bass pedals/ vocals
Kyle Grounds live (keyboardist and guitarist)

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Bolus – Delayed Reaction – 2010


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Bolus – Watch Your Step – 2011



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