Claudio Simonetti – Keyboards
Silvia Specchio – Vocals
Bruno Previtali – Guitar
Silvio Assaiante – Bass
Titta Tani – Drums


Composer, arranger, producer and keyboard player, Claudio Simonetti (www.simonetti.org)
was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 19th of February 1952, zodiacal sign: Aquarius. He studied
composition and piano at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome.

1972: He forms his first “rock progressive” band: “IL RITRATTO DI DORIAN GRAY (THE

1975: Simonetti starts his recording career with the band Goblin (www.goblin.org):
he writes and records the soundtrack of the film of the famous italian director Dario
Argento: “PROFONDO ROSSO (DEEP RED)”, which has sold over 3 million copies.

1976: With Goblin realizes their second instrumental album entitled “ROLLER”.

1977: Always with Goblin he composes and records the music for a film “SUSPIRIA” again
with Dario Argento.

1978: With Goblin he writes the soundtrack for the film “ZOMBI (DAWN OF THE DEAD)
” directed by George Romero, a great box-office success in USA in the 1978. After
realizing their last album entitled “IL FANTASTICO VIAGGIO DEL BAGAROZZO MARK (THE

Simonetti starts his solo career and began to work as composer and record producer
with the producer Giancarlo Meo. He writes songs and produces the albums for the band
EASY GOING; the song “BABY I LOVE YOU” set the beginning of a long story of success of

1979: The song “GIVE ME A BREAK” sung by Vivien Vee and her first album reaches the top
dance charts in USA.

1980: He writes the Italian “hit”song “GIOCA JOUER” presented and performed at the
Sanremo Festival by the Italian famous D.J. Claudio Cecchetto.

1981: He enters the European market with the songs “KASSO” and “WALKMAN” which
went gold in France and in the same year Simonetti releases his first solo album simply
called: “CLAUDIO SIMONETTI”. The album contains the songs presented in the Italian
RAI TV SHOW “SOTTO LE STELLE (UNDER THE STARS)” directed by Gianni Boncompagni.

1982: He writes the soundtrack for Argento’s film “TENEBRE”.

1984: One most of prestigious events in Simonetti’s career took place in January when
he was called to write the music for the Saturday night Italian TV SHOW entitled “BUON
COMPLEANNO TV (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TV)” with an orchestra of more than 50 young
musicians, which he also directed, in the a show which celebrated 30 years of existence
of the Italian Broadcasting Corporation RAI: all the most important stars of television took
part in the show. This experience led to two more studio performances “I LOVE THE PIANO”
and “JAMAICAN STYLE” released also in USA by Salsoul Records.

The successful collaboration with the director Dario Argento continues with the soundtrack

1985: Produced by Dario Argento and directed by Lamberto Bava, Simonetti writes the
soundtrack for the film “DEMONS”.

1987: Later Simonetti worked with many directors like Ruggero Deodato, Salvatore
Samperi, Sergio Martino, Enzo G. Castellari, Castellano & Pipolo. Simonetti participates at
the RAI TV SHOW “PRONTO, E’ LA RAI ? (HELLO, IS THIS RAI ?) as musician and animator
with Giancarlo Magalli and Simona Marchini.

1988: He writes the soundtrack for the film of Dario Argento “OPERA”.

1989: Simonetti participated at the TV SHOW “DOMANI SPOSI” con Giancarlo Magalli.

1991: After many live concerts, Simonetti with his band records the CD: “SIMONETTI
HORROR PROJECT” which contains the new versions of the soundtracks of Argento’s
(CREEPERS)”. In the first few weeks after his release the album has sold more than 120.000
copies and it reaches the top of the Italian charts. “SIMONETTI HORROR PROJECT” is
also available on a 47 minutes HOME VIDEO which contains all the versions of the album
recorded in a theater where Simonetti and his group stage a powerful performances,
completed by suggestive effects and images taken from horror films.

1992: Releases “HORROR PROJECT II-DAYS OF CONFUSION” which contains new
versions of “1997-Escape from New York”, “Halloween”, “Carmina Burana”, “Albinoni’s
Adagio”, “Blade Runner” and new songs: “I’ll take the night”, “Searching” and “To Federica”.

1996: Simonetti releases a CD called: “X-TERROR FILES” (200.000 copies sold) which
contains all the new versions of most famous “Horror” soundtracks like “X-FILES”, “TWIN
Dario Argento soundtracks completely re-arranged.

1997: Inspired by the “rock progressive” of ’70s, he releases the CD “CLASSICS IN
ROCK” where Simonetti re-arrange the famous classical themes such Beethoven’s “FOR
STRING”, Ravel’s “BOLERO” and “PAVANE” and many other famous classical themes.

1998: He composes and releases the CD of the soundtrack for the USA film “THE VERSACE
MURDER” directed by Menahem Golan and releases the CD “THE END OF MILLENIUM” his
first “Greatest Hits” plus 6 new songs.

1999: With Nicola Di Staso on guitar, Federico Amorosi on bass, Titta Tani on drums and
Simonetti on keyboards, he forms a new band: DAEMONIA and produces their first album

2000: “DARIO ARGENTO TRIBUTE” is released and distributed by S4/Sony. The CD contains
13 new versions of most famous soundtracks taken from the films of Dario Argento
including the soundtracks composed by Keith Emerson e Ennio Morricone played by the
band with a Symphonic Orchestra.

With DAEMONIA he records during their Italian tour with the MOVIE STRINGS ORCHESTRA,
formed by thirty young musicians, and in November they play in New York at CULT-CON
2000 in a concert organized by their Americans fans.

In 2001 Daemonia recorded the album “Daemonia – Live… or Dead” with a 30 piece
orchestra, containing all of the live versions of “Dario Argento Tribute” plus 3 extra studio
bonus tracks: Halloween, Tubular Bells, and Gamma. This album was the first to feature
new guitar player Bruno Previtali.

In 2000 DAEMONIA played The CULT CON Festival in New York City, a concert organized
by their American fans. In October 2002, during a tour in Japan, they recorded the
album: “LIVE IN TOKYO” released only for the Asian market. After continuing to tour
throughout Europe, they released the DVD “DAEMONIA-LIVE IN LOS ANGELES” which
contains their concert recorded live at the 2002 ProgWest Festival in Los Angeles.

The DVD box also contains the CD of the soundtrack, composed by Goblin, of the George
Romero’s film “ZOMBI/DAWN OF THE DEAD”, completely recorded with new arrangements
by DAEMONIA during the summer 2005.

DAEMONIA is recording their new album containing new and unpublished songs with a new
female singer Silvia Specchio.


As singer her training starts from classical studies with tenor Luigi Rumbo, follows black
music with the vocalist Jho Jhenkins, up to the Voicecraft e.v.t.s. method with the coach
Elisa Turlà.

Her career starts from Musical Theatre being the main female character for “Singing in
the rain”, “Saturday Night Fever”, “Joan of Arc” and the remake for the stage of Dario
Argento’s “Deep Red”.

She has worked for national italian tv” RAI” in the shows: “Francamente me ne infischio”
with Adriano Celentano, The italian movie award “David di Donatello” , was chosen by the
presenter Pippo Baudo, as performer in broadcasting “San Remo Estate” and “Novecento”,
and later she has performed in the shows “Mattina in Famiglia” and “Domenica in”.

She has also worked as dancer and actress in the italian rockstar Vasco Rossi’s

videoclips: “Buoni o cattivi” and “Vieni qui”.

She has worked in music projects as singer and songwriter with many important italian
musicians such as: Marco Rinalduzzi, Massimo Calabrese, Sandro Centofanti,Mauro Paoluzzi
and Gianluca Cucchiara with whom she founded the rock band “Rabba2Rouge”. At present
she is working with Claudio Simonetti and Daemonia, taking part in the making of the new
music project and tour.



Place and date of birth: Castel di Sangro (AQ) – 05/15/1973. He started to play the
guitar (self-taught) when he was 15 years old. In 1998 he graduated in modern
guitar at the University of Music in Rome. Afterwards, he graduated in classic guitar.

In 2000 he became a member of the band “Daemonia”.

In the same year he recorded his first album “Live… or Dead” he has started to play
in the most important cities of the world. He played for RAI and important Cinema
festivals. His guitars are in “Dawn of the dead”; in this album rock, pop, blues, jazz and
funk pieces are recorded; “Mater Lacrimarum”: Daemonia and lead vocal by Dani Filth.

He has been teaching for years. At the moment he is the guitarist of C. Simonetti /
Daemonia and the bassist of “Goblin”.



Place and date of birth: Formia, Italy – 12/23/1978.

He study the electric bass when he was sixteen years old with the prof. Ennio Messore.

1996 – He became the bassist of the prog-metal band “Jester’s Tears”.

2000 – He improved his technique attending courses concerning slap and harmonic and
melodic tapping.

2006 – He started the project “Aporia” (prog-metal band), which won several events,
among which the “Formia Rock Festival” in 2008; in that occasion the band was awarded by
Claudio Simonetti.

2008 – He has started to collaborate with “Glass Shadows”, tribute band of “Dream

2009-2010 – He played the bass for the albums “Judgement of Silence” and “Magnitude”
with “Aporia”. He has become the new bassist of “Daemonia”. He has become endorser of
the Rush Guitars & Bass.

At the moment he plays with “Daemonia” and with “Glass Shadows”.

Bass: Tobias Basic 6 Strings
Rush Mr Meter 6
Amp: Mark Bass Rocker 500
Ada MB-1
Speaker: Mark Bass 151 NY
Hartke 4×10 Trasponder Rush Mr Meter 6


Born in Rome on May, 20th, 1970. Zodiac sign, Taurus. He plays drums since 1993 and
singed in about 20 groups (HEAVY METAL BANDS) of the roman underground scene.

THEATER’s cover band), recognized by the same Italian Fan Club as the best cover band of
ever, where he sings and plays drums at the same time.

Furthermore he participates with the EMPTY TREMOR (Prog italian band from
(www.italiandreamers.net) and one year later at the 4th edition of the same convention
he plays with ABSTRACTA in front of the DREAM THEATER members as spectators.

In 1998 he records, as singer, with the Italian band called ABSTRACTA for ELEVATE
RECORDS/99th FLOOR the CD entitled “T.R.I.P”.

In 1999, Claudio Simonetti, ex GOBLIN keyboards-wiz called him to become the drummer,
of the new group “DAEMONIA” with Federico Amorosi on bass and Nicola Di Staso on guitar.
With DAEMONIA he records the album “DARIO ARGENTO TRIBUTE” for S4/SONY.

In 2001, Titta records as singer with the Italian Prog band DGM (http://web.tiscali.it/
dgmsite), the album “DREAMLAND” for the ELEVATE RECORDS/AUDIOGLOBE mixed by
Claudio Simonetti.

Daemonia official website – http://www.daemonia.it/

Daemonia Face book  –  http://www.facebook.com/claudiosimonettis.daemonia

Daemonia Myspace site – http://www.myspace.com/daemonia

Silvia Pecchio – Myspace site –  http://www.myspace.com/silviaspecchio

Titta Tani Myspace site – http://www.myspace.com/tittatani

Bruno Previtali – Myspace site –  http://www.myspace.com/brunoprevitali