The art rock band “Discipline.” formed in 1987. They gained a following in the Detroit area

performing unusual original music with a live show memorable for theatrics. Discipline. Features Matthew Parmenter on vocals, Jon Preston Bouda on guitar, Mathew Kennedy on bass, and Paul Dzendzel on drums. In October the band released “To Shatter All Accord” (2011), its first studio recording in 14 years. The new recording includes the 24-minute song-suite Rogue. “Unfolded Like Staircase” (1997) is the band’s best known work. It contains three songs running approximately 15 minutes each, Canto IV (Limbo), Crutches, Before the Storm, and a twenty-two minute song-suite, Into the Dream.

In 2008 Discipline. reunited to perform at Pennsylvania’s NEARfest X (a.k.a. North East Art Rock Festival). The event included performances by Fish of Marillion (Scotland), Peter Hammill of Van Der Graaf Generator (England), Larry Fast’s Synergy (USA), Echolyn (USA), Koenji Hyakkei (Japan), Discipline. from Detroit (USA), Liquid Tension Experiment with members of King Crimson and Dream Theater (USA, U.K.), Morglbl (France), Radio Massacre International (England), and Banco (Italy).


In 2010 the UK label Cyclops-GFT released “Discipline. Live Days,” a 2 CD collection of live

performances from past festivals and concerts.

In 2005 the band’s independent label released “Discipline. Live 1995,” a DVD that captures the band during its most theatrical period. Parmenter appears alternately dressed as a jester, a witch, a toga-clad prisoner of Limbo, and a straight-jacketed clown. This special edition DVD includes an extra hour of live footage spanning the band’s career from shows in 1988, 1992, 1997, and a rare 1998 performance of Into the Dream.

In 1999, Syzygy Records released “Discipline. Live: Into the Dream.” Recorded live in Baltimore as part of the Orion Progressive Rock Showcase, this album includes performances of songs from both the Discipline. studio albums. The same album includes Parmenter singing Between me and the End, a song that would later appear on the singer’s 2004 solo CD, “astray.”


Discipline. performed five consecutive years at the outdoor progressive rock festival in Chapel Hill, North Carolina known as ProgDay. ProgDay Records later released these Discipline. performances on the CDs “ProgDay ’98” (2002), “ProgDay Encore” (7-CD Box Set) (2001), and “ProgDay ’95” (1997).

Although they released several early cassette recordings, it was not until 1993 that Discipline. released their first CD, “Push & Profit.” The release helped the band gain an international audience, and the same year saw the band travel to Norway to support “Push & Profit” with a mini-tour.

Of Discipline.’s pre-CD releases, the most notable is “Chaos out of Order” (1988), a concept album about mid-life and identity. Other early cassette releases include “Faces of the Petty” (1992), “Blueprint” (1992), and “Canto IV” (Limbo) (1995). The cassettes from the 1990s feature live to 2-track mixes of the band engineered by David Krofchok, who was also the band’s keyboard player from 1990 to 1993.


push and profit - 1994
Push & Profit – 1994

unfolded like staircase - 1997
Unfolded Like Staircase – 1997

to shatter all accord - 2011
To Shatter All Accord – 2011

For more details about Discipline., visit the band’s web site at www.strungoutrecords.com
Discipline facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/DisciplineBand
Matthew Parmenter myspace site – http://www.myspace.com/matthewparmenter