epiicicle1Epiicycle, born in 2006, was created by Anthony Roldan. He began writing the project’s first demo album, White on White, while attending Full Sail University and acquiring a degree in Live Show Production and Touring.

When he returned to his hometown of Coatesville, Pennsylvania, he recorded the album at his home studio in 2009. During this time, Epiicycle consisted primarily of hard rock sections with a hint of progressive sound. After releasing White on White, Epiicycle’s music started to move in the mellow psychedelic direction. At this point, Anthony began a quest to find the right members to complete the project. In 2009, his high school friends Lawrence Pence (drums/vocals), Josh Kailer (keys/vocals), and Dayne Thatcher (bass/vocals) joined the band, leaving Anthony to the guitar and vocals. In the beginning of 2010, Anthony finished Epiicycle’s second album titled Her Daydream. This diverse album began to integrate various electronic aspects into their sound. After the completion of Her Daydream, Epiicycle started playing live shows.


Then, in late 2010, the band pumped out a third album, Touch the Fun. This album is considerably more psychedelic and experimental than the prior two. Music is currently being written by all members of the band in a constant pace to ensure good creative progression, including a relaxed psychedelic album written by Lawrence called The Fine Line. Epiicycle also has plans of producing raw experimental music designed for a distinctive listening experience. One of these albums, a forty-minute two-track titled Just Live, is already in the making. Epiicycle’s current sound is influenced by a wide variety of acts ranging from Meshuggah to Depeche Mode and Porcupine Tree to U2. This blend of influences results in a hard-to-describe sound, enabling Epiicycle to drift between several different genres.


Epiicycle official website site http://epiicycle.com/
Epiicycle Myspace site – http://www.myspace.com/epiicycle
Listen to Epiicycle music here http://epiicycle.com/Listen.html


white on white 2009
her daydream 2010