Dave Cureton – Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Adam Gough – Keyboards, Guitar

Claire Malin – Vocals

Richard Cureton – Drums

Luke Shingler -Saxophone, Flute

Christian Nokes – Bass Guitar

Dave Cureton and Adam Gough have been close friends for over 2 decades and over that time; their writing partnership has become one of the most talked about acts in Progressive Rock.

Since the release of their debut album in 2009, IOEarth have received rave reviews from all over the world, also nominated for ‘Best Debut Album and Best Recording’ in the Progressive Rock Awards in Italy and the most recent accolade is IOEarth won ‘Best New/Unsigned Band’ of 2010 by the readers of Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine.

IOEarth is an epic symphonic fantasy both powerful and exhilarating. Dave and Adam have achieved the extraordinary, by fusing different musical styles into an amazing creation. IOEarth embraces the idea of taking musical styles and instruments that are not usually found together and melding them into something new, unusual and very often breathtaking. Many of the styles include Symphonic Rock, Asian, Jazz, Industrial, Dance and Ambient (amongst others) and still, the overall impression to the listener is one of a single, well developed, cohesive style that is simply unique to IOEarth.


Shortly after the release of their debut album, Dave and Adam realized it was time to form a band to perform their unique music on the live stage. The duo searched for musicians and found which they believe are some of the best musicians they could ever wish to have: Drums, Richard Cureton – Vocals, Claire Malin – Saxophone and Flute, Luke Shingler, Bass Guitar, Christian Nokes, along with Dave on Lead Guitar and Vocals and Adam on Keyboards and Guitar.

IOEarth performed extensively promoting their debut album which took them all over the UK and into Europe.

IOEARTH are currently recording their second album ‘Moments’ which will be released towards the end of 2011.

IOEarth transcend the shackles of genre and with the upcoming release of their second album, they are sure to expand their fan base hugely as 2011 becomes 2012.