Anadale – Vocals/Guitar
Joe Reilly – Keyboard
Anthony Rondinone – Bass
Louis Abramson – Drums
JOLLY is the summation of four minds set out to revolutionize the art of sound. Under the guise of rock music, JOLLY has devised a therapeutic auditory experience scientifically designed to bring the brain to a state of pure happiness. By combining sophisticated arrangements, ambient textures, aggressive dynamics, and infectious melodies with binaural brain wave technology, a new medium is born.


In July 2009, JOLLY’s first trial, entitled Forty-Six Minutes, Twelve Seconds of Music (Galileo/ProgRock Records), received critical praise for its original sound, unique progressions, and finely crafted production. The cult popularity of this release led to a European tour with Polish progressive rock veterans Riverside, and a record deal with InsideOut Music/Century Media Records. Along with impressive musicianship and refreshing writing styles, JOLLY’s first album contained a binaural brain wave phenomenon previously unheard of in rock music. Embedded throughout the album are binaural tones, which result from the combination of slightly offset frequencies, played simultaneously, thereby altering the brain’s natural frequency. Scientific research suggests that such tones can enrich feelings of relaxation, focus, creativity, and happiness when experienced in headphones.


JOLLY’s latest release, The Audio Guide to Happiness (Part 1), takes these concepts to a new level. It is a self-reflective sonic journey scientifically tailored to guide the listener through the strata of his/her own emotional make-up. The listener is subjected to musical mood dynamics and key lyrical triggers while the brain is fed corresponding binaural tones. These tones are carefully and deliberately interwoven within the music to support all appropriate peaks and valleys throughout the experience.
jolly_band photo 1
Through extensive research and surveys from over 5,000 subjects, JOLLY has combined the art of musical production with sociological and neurological data, packaging it all into one cohesive system comprised of four phases. The first two phases make up part 1 of The Audio Guide to Happiness.


The Audio Guide to Happiness allows the listener to venture deep within his/her emotional core. The brain’s emotional perception and response evolved long before the emergence of logic and reasoning, traits that distinguish the human race. Because of this evolutionary disconnect, the ability to fully understand emotion lies beyond reasoning’s limitations. With this combination of musical, lyrical, and binaural stimulation, we are able to directly target the brain’s limbic and autonomic nervous systems, almost completely bypassing the frontal lobe. In short, the emotions are directly addressed without being filtered through the brain’s logic center. The listener can therefore see his/her emotion in its true form without being forced to oversimplify it with labels and categorizations. The result is an emotionally limber and self-aware brain completely accepting of its unique place in the world.


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