Line up
Lukasz Lisiak – bass, vocal
Rafal Paluszek – keyboards
Adam Podzimski – drums & percussion
Bartlomiej Bereska – Guitars


In the area of today’s Benin, there’s a small village. Its inhabitants live far from all the civilization, but in perfect harmony. Their newborn babies are given to pythons, which look after them and protect from dangerous bushes.
This village is called Osada Vida.

Osada Vida 5

The band was formed by two mates, Adam Podzimski and Lukasz Lisiak in 1997 as a trio. They did not choose one style of playing, everything was born itself. They accepted only one limit in music – no limits at all. The music means pleasure of playing and joy of listening. Rafal Paluszek soon appeared, listened to their music and stayed in the band. Osada Vida had its first inhabitants. The whole was fulfilled by a singer, Magda Hajda, and Luca Juraszek – a lead guitarist. As a quintet OV recorded three albums: “Critical Moment” (2000), “Heading For The Moon” (2002) and “Osada Vida” (2004). The band played a lot of concerts in Poland and started to think about a new album. But at the beginning of 2005 Magda and Luca decided to leave Osada Vida and that year was very crucial to the band. The new guitarist Bartek Bereska was invited to join the band – young, talented and full of enthusiasm. After those perturbations, in 2005 the current lineup was formed and hasn’t changed since then.

As a quartet Osada Vida recorded an album “Three Seats Behind A Triangle” (2006). That album was warmly received in Poland and abroad. A lot of flattering reviews were sent from Poland, whole Europe, The USA and Brasil. In February 2007 an album “Three Seats Behind a Triangle” was chosen as the “album of the month” in the Progressive Rock and Metal Webzine in Brasil.

In 2007 the band signed up the contract with one of the biggest record label in Poland – Metal Mind Productions. For MMP Osada Vida recorded the next two full – length albums: “The Body Parts Party” (2008) and very highly acclaimed “Uninvited Dreams” (2009).

Through all those years Osada Vida played a lot of concerts – their own as well as with other artists, like Fish, Riverside, Believe, The Black Noodle Project and many others.

As time passed, Osada Vida started to play heavier, on one side, but on the other side, they incorporated more jazzy and ambient elements with a little bit of electronics. They are still developing, so no one knows where music will lead them…

Osada Vida official website – www.osadavida.art.pl

Osada Vida Myspace site www.myspace.com/osadavida

Osada Vida Youtube site – www.youtube.com/osadavida