Steve Unruh – lead vocals, violin, guitar, flute
Fran Turner – guitar
Rob Wilson – bass
Barry Farrands – drums, backing vocals

Resistor Bio

RESISTOR is the progressive rock quartet of Steve Unruh (lead vocals, violin, guitar, flute), Fran Turner (guitar), Barry Farrands (drums, backing vocals), and Rob Winslow (bass). The band’s sound mixes modern crossover prog with an organic classic rock sound. RESISTOR writes and records their tunes with everyone in the same room at the same time, like bands did “in the good old days.” All the while, RESISTOR enjoys being influenced by current music, picking up ideas and styles like a musical snowball… armed with a light-up violin bow and motorized sea monster.


RESISTOR has released three albums to date, perhaps the most notable being 2010’s “Rise”, which includes the 16-minute epic “Mimosa” and 39-minute suite, “The Land of No Groove” (a fanciful tale of adventure in search of groovy music). But don’t let the song lengths scare you – RESISTOR are known for fun, approachable shows… bringing a little humor and a lot of energy. RESISTOR lives and plays in Rhode Island. They are currently practicing weekly, and writing tunes for their next album. More information can be found at



Rise – 2010

The Secret Island Band Jams – 2011