Joff Winks – Lead vocals & Guitars
Matt Baber – Keyboards
Brad Waissman – Bass

Sanguine Hum Bio:

Sanguine Hum was formed from the ashes of Oxford’s (UK) Joff Winks Band who in 2007 released the critically acclaimed album songs for days, featuring such classic tracks as Milo and Juniper, which went on to win Zane Lowe’s “fresh meat” competition on BBC radio 1. Still featuring three of the original JWB members vocalist & guitarist Joff Winks, keyboard player Matt Baber and bassist Brad Waissman, Sanguine Hum continue to pursue diverse areas of writing flitting between intense instrumental pieces and unorthodox songwriting. Influenced as much by Zappa and Mahavishnu Orchestra as they are by bands such as Tortoise, Sanguine Hum create avant-prog-post-rock with groove and melody to spare!

But to a hardcore group of listeners there is another project that Baber and Winks will be best known for which, fused with the sound of Joff Winks Band, gives the best idea of what Sanguine Hum is all about:


Although Baber and Winks had played music together since childhood, it was under the title of Antique Seeking Nuns that the duo first began recording music back in 2001. The Nuns was a heady mix of Zappa and Canterbury influenced instrumental compositions with songwriting that owed much to artists such as Robert Wyatt. ASN released 3 EPs in tandem with several Joff Winks Band singles and the aforementioned Songs For Days album, but by the end of 2007 Baber and Winks decided to break up Antique Seeking Nuns and Joff Winks Band to concentrate their writing into a new project entitled Nunbient. The first record Just Another Dark Age, a 7 track album of dark ambient drone works, found its way to burning shed and was released in October of 2008.

However, after a year of not performing live and only working in the studio, the need for the duo to be back in a band reached a feverish pitch. So with an ever mounting pile of new songs JWB was put back together under the new moniker of Sanguine Hum and the first album Diving Bell was released in 2011. Diving Bell sees the Oxford 4 piece consolidate an already remarkably varied career showcasing a new and exciting immediacy in the songwriting that recalls the very best of Radiohead, Porcupine Tree and the Flaming Lip

Relevant releases:

Diving Bell – 2011

Careful Its Tepid
Careful! It’s Tepid – 2009

Double Egg
Double Egg with Chips and Beans and a Tea – 2006

Mild Profundities
Mild Profundities (an initial bursting) – 2003

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