Hailing from eastern Pennsylvania, Shadow Gallery is a progressive rock tour d’ force with influences derived from acts such as Genesis, Rush, Queen, Yes, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and with roots going back to the mid 1980’s, it took the band a good handful of years and a change of name before they found the sound they wanted to explore. When they sent out a demo of their own material in 1991 they soon found themselves signed to then fledgling progressive rock label Magna Carta Records. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1992, and the follow up “Carved in Stone” appeared in 1995. Both albums were well received, but line-up alterations and non-band commitments saw to it that the band never managed to support any of these releases with live performances. And while their line-up stabilized after this, concerts by the band failed to materialize for one reason or another for a good few years still.

Their reputation as a studio entity continued to rise in stature however, and 1998’s “Tyranny” and 2001’s “Legacy” were fine productions each in their own right, well received albums that steadily increased their musical reach, which resulted in Shadow Gallery signing for InsideOut Records for their next CD, “Room V”, which appeared in 2005.

While working on their next album in 2008, tragedy struck Shadow Gallery. Vocalist Mike Baker died due to heart failure on October 29th. The remaining members opted to continue the band however, and with several vocalists catering for the vocal duties their sixth full length studio production “Digital Ghosts” appeared in 2009, their most recent studio album to date.


At this point in time the band consisted of Brendt Allman (guitars, backing vocals), Carl Cadden James (bass, vocals, flute), Gary Wehrkamp (keyboards, piano, guitars, backing vocals) and Joe Nevolo (drums). Brian Ashland was recruited as the permanent replacement for Baker in 2009, and when Shadow Gallery decided to start performing live in 2010, Eric Diegert was recruited to cover instrumental duties for these occasions. Following an initial concert in Pennsylvania this now six man strong unit hit Europe, with 10 concerts performed in quick succession.


Since then, this fine US band has been announced as co-headliners of the Prog-Power USA festival in September 2013, but prior to that event it’s the RoSfest audience that gets the pleasure of enjoying this solid band performing live. Their second ever official concert on US soil will end the 2013 edition of the Rites of Spring Festival in what we expect to be a sensational and possibly loud yet sophisticated manner.

SHADOW GALLERY live lineup:

Band Line-Up:
Gary Wehrkamp – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals and Drums
Brendt Allman – Guitar, Vocals
Carl Cadden-James – Bass Guitar, Flute and Vocals
Brian Ashland – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Joe Nevolo – Drums
Eric Deigert – Guitars and Keyboards

Shadow Gallery – 1992
Carved In Stone – 1995
Tyranny – 1998
Legacy – 2001
Room V – 2005
Prime Cuts (Best Of Compilation) – 2007
Digital Ghosts – 2009

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Shadow Gallery – “Crystalline Dream” Live In Athens, 2010

Shadow Gallery – “Gold Dust” – Official Video, 2009

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