Flower Kings Bio

Roine Stolt : Guitar & vocal
Hasse Fröberg: Guitar & Vocal
Tomas Bosin: Keyboards
Jonas Reingold: Bass & Vocal
Felix Lehrmann: Drums

Back in 1993 Swedish composer and multi-instrumentalist Roine Stolt was busy recording a solo album. His second one, following some 15 years after his first which was recorded just after he left Swedish band Kaipa. In the years between he’d been a member of a number of different bands, but probably didn’t expect that this second solo production of his would lead to the formation of a brand new band.

But so it did. His return to progressive rock and the musicians involved in “The Flower King” project became so involving that a band formation followed suit. And with the dawn of the internet and a growing interest in progressive rock in general and bands from Scandinavia in particular, The Flower Kings soon became a household name. From their first proper band album “Back in the World of Adventures” in 1995 to 2007’s “The Sum of No Evil” their career was on a steady rise. A high number of acclaimed studio albums, the occasional live production and a high intensity live presence saw the band gaining a fanbase few other progressive rock bands have managed since the 1970’s. And drummers aside, their line-up remained relatively stable over the years too, with Stolt and keyboardist Tomas Bodin as the central core, the inclusion of guitarist Hasse Fröberg in 1994 and bassist Jonas Reingold joining their ranks in 1999 as the replacement for Michael Stolt expanding the heart and soul of the band.


At some point Stolt decided that he wanted more in his musical life than merely The Flower Kings however. Which lead to his participation in the on and off supergroup Transatlantic, a tenure in UK based band The Tangent and rejoining his former band Kaipa for a few years to mention some of his many additional commitments. And when the members of The Flower Kings decided that a hiatus was in order in 2007, Stolt formed a new band as well: Agents of Mercy. A band entity that in a few years rose to prominence with three high quality productions released in quick succession. Other side projects were established by other members over the years too, some of them also including Stolt himself in some capacity or other. Most notable of these, arguably, are Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion and Karmakanic. And in the hiatus years those side projects all became increasingly popular, to the extent that people wondering if The Flower Kings would ever return, as the members now appeared to enjoy a high degree of success and attention elsewhere.


Thankfully for all their fans, The Flower Kings hiatus turned out to be a relatively brief one. A few years of commitments with various side projects was what was needed to reinvigorate the individual members desire to once again record and perform as The Flower Kings, and in 2012 they returned with the studio album “Banks of Eden”. With a number of live shows to follow. But with all the various side projects spawned by The Flower Kings still very much alive and well too, the future of this world renowned band now appears to be the nexus of a veritable family of bands. A safe haven and home for a handful of creative minds whose activities continue to shape and form the contemporary progressive rock scene in a number of different guises.

The Flower King – 1994
Roine Stolt solo album
Back in the World of Adventures – 1995
Retropolis – 1996
Stardust We Are – 1997
Flower Power – 1999
Space Revolver – 2000
The Rainmaker – 2001
Unfold the Future – 2002
Adam & Eve – 2004
Paradox Hotel – 2006
The Sum of No Evil – 2007
Banks of Eden – 2012

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