One of the popular traditions of RoSfest is the after-party at host hotel Aspire on Friday and Saturday night, and we are happy to announce that US band Kinetic Element will be the Saturday after-party band for 2016. In 2006 composer and keyboardist Mike Visaggio brought the members together to perform his music in a live setting, and they decided to form a band after discovering how much they enjoyed working with each other. Kinetic Element has released two full-length albums following their formation, “Powered By Light” and “Travelog” from 2009 and 2015 respectively. The latter in particular has received liberal amounts of critical acclaim, especially by those fond of the vintage symphonic progressive rock explored by bands such as Yes and ELP in the 1970’s. Kinetic Element has been booked for the 2016 edition of the prestigious Terra Incognita festival in Canada on the strengths of this production.

Founder Mike Visaggio has been a regular guest at ROSfest for a number of years, and has frequently performed at the after-parties in more ad hoc band constellations. In 2016 he will be joined by bandmates Todd Russell (guitar), Mark Tupko (bass) and Michael Murray (drums), andDimetrius LaFavors (Odin’s Court) on lead vocals. This event should be a real treat for those with affection for old school symphonic progressive rock.

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