US band Enchant is one of those bands that seem to have been around forever. They were formed back in 1988, and released their debut album “A Blueprint of the World” in 1993. Many fans approached us in the early days of RoSfest and wanted us to sign them back then, but the stars just didn’t align for that to happen in our early days. Enchant have now returned after a long spell of relative inactivity, and have just released their eighth studio album “The Great Divide”. Their first CD in 11 years. By now Enchant are firmly regarded as an important and influential progressive rock band in the US scene, and even those who don’t recall them from the days of old will most likely have encountered their lead vocalist Ted Leonard in some project or other, as he has been rather active in the last decade. He joined Spock’s Beard in 2011, and has recently toured with Transatlantic as well. The 2014 line-up of Enchant consists of Ted Leonard (vocals, guitars), Douglas Ott (guitars), Ed Platt (bass), Bill Jenkins (keyboards) and Sean Flanegan (drums).


“We’ve been big fans of Enchant for years, but we never got the chance to sign Enchant in the early days of RoSfest, but when we found out that they were about to return now in 2014 we got in touch with them ASAP to secure them for RoSfest 2015. We know many in our core audience will be really pleased by this announcement!”