Local Philadelphia band SHADOW MERCHANT has agreed to entertain our guests at the traditional Friday night after party. This foursome was formed by radiologists Sean Reiter (guitars) and Paul McGinnis (drums) back in 2007. This formative duo have since been expanded with the talents of Howard Whitman (vocals, bass) and Don Henney (keyboards). Shadow Merchant have started to make an impression in their local scene, and for two years running they have been finalists in WMGK 2013 Rock MD contest. The band is currently hard at work to finalize work on their debut album “The Tunnel”.

When this talented foursome hits the stage at the Friday night after party, although they obviously will use the opportunity to present their own material, it will not be solely to perform songs from their debut album. They have also started to prepare a careful selection of progressive rock classics to be performed at the party. Bands like Kansas and Rush have been mentioned as indicators of what to expect, both for the sound of their own creations as well as for the range of classics they are preparing for the festive crowd.

Shadow Merchant are now counting the days to ROSFest 2014, eager and overjoyed at being given the chance to keep the party spirit proggin’ at the traditional Friday night after party at the Eisenhower Hotel. We’re equally as eager to see, hear and experience the talents of this fine local band, firm in our belief that they will be a high octane fuel that will keep the party going until other hotel guests hit the breakfast table come Saturday morning.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/shadowmerchantVids1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shadow-Merchant/198092486901879