RoSfest is thrilled to announce that German band SUBSIGNAL has accepted our invitation to join the ranks of bands to perform at the 2014 edition of RoSfest. This German band started out as the side project for Sieges Even members Arno Menses (vocals) and Markus Steffen (guitars) back in 2007. When Sieges Even disbanded, Subsignal became their main band, and following a few line-up alterations they have now settled as a five man strong unit, the additional members as of 2013 being David Bertok (keyboards), Ralf Schwager (bass) and Danilo Batdorf (drums).

Described by critics as a band that blend harder edged melodic rock and progressive metal, Subsignal is a band that have earned favorable descriptions on how their sound develops from one album to the next. They released their debut album “Beautiful & Monstrous” in 2009, two years later “Touchstones” followed. In these days their third album “Paraiso” has just been released, and if the reviews so far can be regarded as an indication, it does appear that the old cliche about a band’s most recent album being their best to date has something going for it on this occasion.

We have been approached by a number of people that have advised us that Subsignal is a band we should consider booking, and following the release of their third CD “Paraiso” we felt that this was the perfect time to do just that. They have three full length albums out, appears to be steadily developing on all fronts, and quite honestly: if they continue developing in this manner, they will definitely be going places. Subsignal will hit the stage at 5 PM on Sunday May 4th, and we’re really looking forward to be able to experience the live qualities of this fine and increasingly popular German band.

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