The Fringe


Nick D’Virgilio
Vocals, Drums

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Randy McStine
Vocals, Guitar

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Jonas Reingold
Bass, Vocals



In October 2013, Nick D’Virgilio, Randy McStine, and Jonas Reingold arrived in Poland to perform a pair of shows together as The Nick D’Virgilio Trio. The three had previously been involved in different projects with one another, but this was a new experience. With only two brief rehearsals, the group quickly locked in to the complex music chosen for the shows. After the performances, it was clear that the trio shared a unique chemistry both on and off stage, and some preliminary plans were made to reconvene in the new year.


During a record-breaking winter storm, D’Virgilio, McStine, and Reingold travelled to Sweetwater Studios in Ft Wayne, Indiana for a week of recording at the beginning of 2014. With Producer/Engineer Mark Hornsby at the helm, the trio quickly set off to recapture the energy of their previous performances. Everyone brought in song ideas, and together they wrote and recorded two brand new compositions. By the end of the sessions, it was decided that the trio would continue on together, leading to the official formation of “The Fringe”. !

Throughout 2014 and 2015, The Fringe has continued to develop a unique working relationship. Although modern technology allows for records to be made remotely, they have purposely decided to record and arrange their material when all three members are present in the same room. Sweetwater Studios, the recording division of the national retailer Sweetwater Sound, remains to be their chosen meeting place, as The Fringe has crafted over a dozen songs within it’s walls, captured using only the best technology available in today’s market. The Fringe will be releasing these recordings throughout 2016, sharing the electricity between the three of them with the rest of the world.

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