We’re excited to announce that the Neal Morse Band will headline on Saturday night at ROSfest in 2017!

Neal Morse is a household name in the world of progressive rock. His tenure as a founding member of legendary US progressive rock band Spock’s Beard initially brought him to fame, but his name and stature as a band musician and solo artist have continued to soar after leaving the band in 2002. Neal has produced numerous solo albums, some exploring progressive rock and others focusing on Christian worship music. He is also a key member in progressive rock supergroups Transatlantic and Flying Colors, and was an instrumental member in The Beatles cover band Yellow Matter Custard, where he worked with Mike Portnoy and Paul Gilbert.

In 2015 he formally founded The Neal Morse Band, teaming up with Eric Gillette (guitars) and longtime collaborators Mike Portnoy (drums) and Randy George (bass). This now-formalized band constellation’s first studio album, “The Grand Experiment,” was released in 2015. A live CD/DVD is currently in the works, and has been scheduled for release in the summer of 2016.

The Neal Morse Band is amongst the select few progressive rock bands universally regarded as natural headliners for a progressive rock festival. We’re excited to announce them as the Saturday Night headliners for ROSfest 2017, and know that many are already eagerly anticipating seeing them perform for us in Gettysburg next year.

The Neal Morse Band Official http://www.nealmorse.com/
Neal Morse Facebook    https://www.facebook.com/nealmorse