Those of us with a deep affection for music all live for those moments when we experience a band that makes us think, “What the hell just happened there…I can’t really wrap my head around this but man, I love it!” Cue Boston-based band Bent Knee, formed in 2011 with a line-up consisting of Courtney Swain (vocals, keyboards), Ben Levin (guitars), Vince Welch (sound design), Chris Baum (violin), Jessica Kion (bass), and Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth (drums).
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Existing somewhere at the halfway point between Snarky Puppy and Sleeptyime Gorilla Museum, with a lead vocalist that could give Björk and Kate Bush a good run for their money, Bent Knee’s eclectic take on progressive rock will challenge, astound, and most often amaze. Avant-oriented progressive rock with a firm mainstream orientation, their musical form has a liberal but subtle flavoring of indie and alternative tossed in for good measure. They are definitely a band that expands the borders and boundaries of progressive rock in a vital and compelling manner. There’s always a band at ROSfest that creates a strong buzz, and for 2016 we’re pretty sure that the loudest buzz will swarm around this band.

“I went to a concert by chance earlier this year, saw this band and was gobsmacked. I knew then and there that I had to get them to ROSfest for 2016.”
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“In God We Trust” – Live at Berklee College of Music:


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