We’re happy to announce that US band The Aaron Clift Experiment will be the first band out on Saturday at ROSfest 2017.

This Texas-based foursome formed in 2012, and their debut album “Lonely Hills” quickly made an impact, with the highly influential Prog Magazine describing them as one of the best unsigned bands of 2013. Their second album “Outer Light, Inner Darkness” has met with even more critical acclaim and positive reviews worldwide. Due to the strengths of these two albums, Prog Magazine has nominated the band for “The Limelight Award” in 2016, an honor reserved for what the magazine describes as rising prog stars.

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The Aaron Clift Experiment is a contemporary progressive rock band that blends their sources of inspiration, jazz and classical music as much as a variety of progressive rock bands, inside a compelling and accessible context. This unique combination creates music that’s easy on the mind at the surface level, but contains a vast amount of the subtle intricate features and details that a progressive rock-inclined audience tends to appreciate. Aaron Clift (vocals, keyboards), Eric Gutierrez (guitars), Devin North (bass) and Tim Smith (drums) is a foursome that have all the ingredients needed to rise to a higher stature in the world of progressive rock.

We obviously agree with The Prog Magazine’s verdict of The Aaron Clift Experiment being rising stars in the world of progressive rock, and we’re proud and happy that ROSfest 2017 is one of the events that will spread the word about this talented quartet.

Web site: www.aaronclift.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/aaroncliftmusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/aaroncliftmusic
You Tube: www.youtube.com/aaroncliftmusic

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