We’re pleased to announce that veteran US threesome Zebra has been added to the bill of RoSfest 2016 as the Sunday night headliner.

Despite a history going back to the golden decade of the 1970’s, Zebra isn’t the most high profile name in the music business. Randy Jackson (vocals, guitars), Felix Hanemann (bass, keyboards, vocals) and Guy Gelso (drums, vocals) formed the band in 1975 and the very same musicians are in place some 40 years later, making them one of few bands that have such a long history without line-up alterations. They started out by playing cover songs by bands such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, and The Moody Blues. Although when they released their debut album in 1983 they were indeed often compared to Led Zeppelin, they developed their own trademark, harder edged sound. They continued making music in this vein on three more studio albums, the most recent of these being “IV” from 2003.

While not the most prolific recording unit, Zebra is still an active and tight live band. Their brand of sophisticated hard rock features elements that will sound familiar to listeners of bands such as Rush and Triumph, with occasional nods in the direction of Led Zeppelin tossed in for good measure. With a repertoire of short and vibrant songs, this is a band geared towards providing compelling, energetic live shows. Those who had the pleasure of seeing them perform on Cruise to the Edge in 2013 can testify to their prowess on stage.


Zebra is a band that has primarily been described as a hard rock band over the years, perhaps mainly due to the fact that progressive rock was something of an anathema in music marketing back when Zebra was at their most active as a recording band. We’re looking forward to seeing them headline RoSfest, as we believe that a progressive rock festival is a setting where this fine veteran band will truly be at home.

“Zebra is a band that has kept going with the same members for 40 years, making them unsung American pioneers of a harder edged variety of progressive rock. We’re extremely pleased to give Zebra this opportunity to shine in a setting where they should find a receptive audience able to appreciate their talents.”

Zebra official website – http://www.thedoor.com/ 
Randy Jackson Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/randyjacksonzebra