US band Heliopolis has been given the honor of opening the 12th edition of the Rites of Spring Festival on Friday 1st of May 2015. While the band is a new one with just one album under their belt, the already critically acclaimed “City of the Sun”, those who have been following the progressive rock circuit for the last decade or so will most likely have encountered the band’s driving force Kerry “Kompost” Chicone at some point. Many will recall his former band Mars Hollow fondly, a project that more or less fell apart while on the verge of a breakthrough event.


Heliopolis is Kerry’s new band, and joined by Jerry Beller (drums), Matt Brown (keyboards), Michael Matier (guitars) and Scott Jones (vocals, guitars) they have truly made a strong impression from the get-go. That Heliopolis consists of seasoned musicians is easy to hear, and equally apparent is the band’s shared fascination for vintage progressive rock in general and perhaps the symphonic variety of it most of all. We’re eagerly looking forward to enjoy the talents of this skilled band, and are certain that Heliopolis will make a favorable and lasting impression on our audience.

“Heliopolis is one of those rare bands that comes across as the finished article right away. Their quality and style makes them the perfect opening band for the 12th edition of ROSfest.

Photo courtesy of Esa Ahola