We’re excited to announce that up-and-coming US threesome The Fringe has been added to the bill of RoSfest 2016.

The Fringe may be something of an unknown quantity for most, especially given they haven’t released an album as of yet. However, a band that combines the talents of drummer Nick D’Virgilio, bassist Jonas Reingold and guitarist Randy McStine should be alluring to any who have their pulse on what’s happening in modern progressive rock. McStine has performed at RoSfest with his band Lo-Fi Resistance, and Reingold has been a member of a number of high profile bands such as The Flower Kings and Kaipa and Karmakanic. While D’Virgilio’s CV in progressive rock is perhaps even more impressive, he is best known by most for his tenures in Spock’s Beard and Big Big Train.


When the possibility to sign this band came up we had to adjust our schedule somewhat, and we have managed to secure a 50-minute slot for the band on Sunday. The exact time for their performance hasn’t been set yet, but will be published as soon as the finer details have been mapped out.

“Anyone who follows what happens in the progressive rock scene would be interested in signing this band based on the members alone, and after seeing and hearing them live we know that we can present our audience with a real treat by adding The Fringe to the RoSfest line-up”.

The Fringe Intro Video

The Fringe official website – www.thefringetrio.com 
The Fringe Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/thefringetrio/