US band Spock’s Beard will headline the opening night of ROSfest 2015. A natural headliner today, just as they were when we booked them in 2007, this is a band that doesn’t really need much of an introduction. One of the main bands that helped reignite the interest in progressive rock as a genre in the 90’s, and arguably the most important contemporary US progressive rock band. With hundreds of live performances under their belt, a long string of successful albums and plenty of them regarded as modern classic of the genre, Spock’s Beard is the archetypical headliner act for a progressive rock festival among the bands that started out after the 1970’s.

Since they played at ROSfest in 2007 drummer Jimmy Keegan and vocalist / guitarist Ted Leonard have joined as permanent members, while vocalist / drummer Nick D’Virgilio have left. They have released a further two highly acclaimed studio albums, “X” in 2010 and “Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep” in 2013, and have headlined a plethora of small and large events Including being one of the main attractions at the 2014 edition of the “Progressive Nation at Sea” cruise event. Spock’s Beard is in the top list of band’s our audience has asked us to book, for good reasons.

“It’s been eight years since Spock’s Beard played for us last, and it was well overdue to bring them back at this point. A natural headliner we know will deliver the goods. In style.″