We’re thrilled to announce that Scottish veterans Comedy of Errors will be the third band out on Sunday at ROSfest 2016, bringing their heralded brand of neo-progressive rock to Gettysburg and the Rites of Spring Festival.

Formed in the wake of the first neo-progressive era in the UK, Comedy of Errors had a go in the second half of the 1980’s but disbanded following three EP and demo releases. A couple decades later they reformed, and have since become a heralded band amongst neo-progressive audiences. The revitalized and rather more successful current incarnation of Comedy of Errors has three full-length productions, which the members refer to as “mini epic rock symphonies.” The latest of these productions is “Spirit,” released in the fall of 2015.

COE Photo 2

The members of Comedy of Errors as of 2015 include Joe Cairney (vocals), Jim Johnston (keyboards), Bruce Levick (drums), Sam McCulloch (guitars), Mark Spalding (guitars), and John Fitzgerald (bass).

“Comedy of Errors has a growing reputation and is an increasingly popular band among those with an affection for neo-progressive rock. They are a natural candidate for ROSfest on those grounds, and we’re thrilled to have booked them.”

Band Website: http://www.comedyoferrors.org/

Band Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Comedyoferrorsofficial



Spirit Sampler