While still a fairly young project, started by then 20 year old composer and musician Randy McStine back in 2009, Lo-Fi Resistance already have three full length albums to their name. Or perhaps his name, as this project first and foremost is the work of one man so far. But McStine has an impressive network around him, and notable musicians like Dug Pinnick, Gavin Harrison and Nick D’Virgilio are just some of the name musician friends that have lent McStine their talents for the three Lo-Fi Resistance albums so far. Following “A Deep Breath” in 2010 and “Chalk Lines” in 2012 Lo-Fi Resistance released their third album “The Age of Entitlement ” in September 2014. While we don’t know just yet which of his musician friends that will accompany McStine on stage we’re sure that the power pop flavored prog this promising young US band explores will go down well on Sunday morning, at the slot in the festival many of us fondly describe as The Church of Prog.


“RoSfest have a long tradition of signing something that is a little bit special for the opening slot on Sunday, and Lo-Fi Resistance is our chosen candidate for RoSfest 2015”