Cast set to headline at RoSfest 2020

Mexican progressive rock band, Cast is a well-known entity to many in the progressive rock community.  With a history going back to 1978 and more than two dozen releases to their name. Cast is a true veteran progressive rock band and their specialty is symphonic progressive rock. They have developed their craft in a meticulous manner and are among a select few bands where their later releases by and large are also their most revered.  Cast is a band where fans are more likely to call out for current material than for songs written and released decades ago. There aren’t too many other veteran progressive rock bands who can state that on their resume.

Cast has been selected in a well-deserved headliner slot and they will perform on Friday, May 8th, 2020.  Everyone will be in for a treat with this excellent live band from Mexico. More than 40 years as an active band and one of the rare cases of a seasoned veteran band getting increasingly better and steadily improving with age and experience.


“Power and Outcome”, Cast Sinfónico Live (2018)

“Silent War” Live

“CAST SINFONICO”, Teaser Trailer BR

Lobate Scarp signed for RoSfest 2020

US band, Lobate Scarp, have been around for more than a decade and caused a bit of a buzz when they released their debut album, “Time and Space” back in 2012. The album garnered great reviews and was well-received. Production is now currently in the pipeline and set to restore the buzz around this fine US band. The band is set to release a new album in 2020.

Lobate Scarp is a fairly eclectic progressive rock band well aware of the old and new varieties of symphonic progressive rock, but equally aware that there are such things as heavy prog and fusion that can be played with too. Which the band does and performs very well at and they aren’t afraid to venture into hard rock or metal for inspiration or to add in pop music tropes when needed either. Audience and listener friendly progressive rock, with a strong focus on melody and energy, spiced with more advanced features when appropriate. But also, music that is powerful, heavy and more challenging when required. That the band has an affection for the rock opera is probably not all that unexpected.

Lobate Scarp will be the first band out on Saturday, May 9th. We are eagerly looking forward to the buzz around this band to become lively again and are proud that we will be a part of this process.

Lobate Scarp Video – Lobate Scarp- Beautiful Light (Lyric Video)

Lobate Scarp Video – Nothing Wrong

Dilemma signed for RoSfest 2020

Dutch/UK modern prog band, Dilemma, are confirmed for RoSfest 2020. Dilemma has a history that goes back to the early 1990’s and released their debut album “Imbroccata” on legendary cult prog label SI Music/RoadRunner back in 1995. After a few years of extensive touring, the band took a hiatus until a one-off reunion concert back in 2012. This reunion created a spark that was kept alive for the next few years. The line-up solidified a few years back with the addition of front man Dec Burke (Frost*, Darwin’s Radio) as the final piece of the puzzle.

Late 2018 Dilemma released their comeback album “Random Acts of Liberation”, a production described as being very much in the vein of artists such as Neal Morse, Frost* and Flying Colors. The album was mixed by sound engineer, Rich Mouser (Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic, Neal Morse). Random Acts of Liberation was received with high praise from the media, the audience and colleague artists.

Mike Portnoy (Flying Colors/Sons Of Apollo/ex-Dream Theater) named Random Acts Of Liberation ‘one of the best albums of 2018’: “Damn!! Yet another great new prog release. The new album by Dilemma is some very tasty ‘modern Prog’ ala new Spock’s Beard, Frost*, Flying Colors, Steven Wilson & Haken. Awesome drumming by Collin Leijenaar and loving the melodic edge Dec Burke brings to the band! And as always an immaculate mix by Rich Mouser. One of the top-10 music albums of 2018!”

RoSfest is extremely happy to introduce our audience to one of the bands that was a part of the second wave of neo-progressive rock bands from the 1990’s. And with their latest release Dilemma transformed their music to an eclectic, modern prog sound with strong hooks and riffs, melodies and a powerful live performance. It features seasoned musicians with a high-quality front man in the shape of Dec Burke. This is the icing on the cake. Dilemma will be the second band to play on Saturday, May 9th, and a band we imagine will be a positive and unexpected surprise for many in our audience. (Pending permit approval).

Collin Leijenaar (Neal Morse, Affector, Kayak), drummer, producer and manager of the band says: “It is so awesome to finally perform at RoSfest! It will be our USA debut. We can’t wait to play the complete Random Acts Of Liberation’ album for you!  Our set will be 70 minutes and with an album that clocks 72 minutes, we’ll have little time to talk from stage, so we will let the music do the talking”, he laughs. Dec Burke (ex-Frost*/Audio Plastik), who has performed at RoSfest twice already, says he is really looking forward to playing with Dilemma in the States. “It’s such a joy playing with this band, and even more joy to be able to come to Sarasota, Florida with this amazing band to perform our latest album and meet all you lovely RoSfest goers. We are very excited to play at your festival”.

Link to latest album:

Dilemma Videos

The Inner Darkness:




The Space Between The Waves:

Dear Brian:

Pattern-Seeking Animals signed for festival debut at RoSfest 2020

We are delighted to announce that US band, Pattern-Seeking Animals, will be entertaining us at RoSfest 2020, as the third band out on Saturday, May 9th in the slot just prior to Big Big Train. Those who are aware of Pattern-Seeking Animals will understand why they have been given this slot, while those unaware may be in for a bit of a surprise.

Pattern-Seeking Animals is a part of the extended Spock’s Beard family of bands. This one instigated by composer and keyboard player, John Boegehold, a regular song-smith for Spock’s Beard but never an actual member of the band himself. He had some material that didn’t really fit the scope of Spock’s Beard and when he asked for some assistance in recording this material this developed into the formation of a new band with Spock’s Beard musicians; Ted Leonard, Dave Meros and Jimmy Keegan joining to form a formidable quartet.

The foursome have deliberately developed the material on their self-titled debut album, which dropped just a couple of weeks ago on Inside Out Music to be different from the type of music that Spock’s Beard tends to explore. Reviews have noted that the band strikes them as being more accessible, but without missing out on any of the typical features expected from a band described as progressive rock.

Pattern-Seeking Animals are doing many things perfectly right from the start. The strength of the material on their debut album saw them signing to major progressive rock label Inside Out Music, and this album is already picking up glowing reviews worldwide.  Their second is just about finished as well, this means that this is a band that have paved the ground for a quick succession into the upper ranks of the progressive rock universe. At RoSfest, we are honored to have the privilege to be the first festival to book this fine, new band, and we are certain that their set at RoSfest will be a historic one from a band that appears to be destined to become a household name in progressive rock sooner rather than later.

PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS – No One Ever Died and Made Me King (Lyric Video).

Moon Letters signed for RoSfest 2020

We like our homegrown bands at RoSfest. Bringing in good bands from overseas is something of a given for a progressive rock festival but finding and giving opportunities to our own bands is a vital part of being a progressive rock festival as well. To introduce the new and exciting as well as the known and established. In the case of Seattle progressive rock band Moon Letters, one might, to some extent, say that we are fulfilling both of those criteria.

Set to open on Sunday morning in our coveted Church of Prog spot, newcomers Moon Letters will show the most dedicated parts of our audience what good quality progressive rock is all about. Taking their cues from both the melodic progressive rock bands of the 70’s and some of the more expressive English bands from the same era, and blending these impulses with contemporary and more explosive details, their brand of old and new progressive rock have caused quite a buzz to build around the band in the two years they have been active. A blazing performance at Seaprog in Seattle in 2019 caught our attention, documenting that they are a very tight live band indeed, and we join in on the international chorus that herald the amazing quality of Moon Letter’s debut album, “Until They Feel the Sun”, a production that will hit many progressive rock top 10 lists of albums released in 2019.

The Church of Prog time slot at RoSfest is reserved for bands that have the talent and potential to become big names in the world of progressive rock. Moon Letters are a worthy addition to the list of bands being given this slot and we are looking forward to seeing them as well as hearing the audience buzz following their performance.

Big Big Train booked for RoSfest 2020

As announced at the 2019 edition of RoSfest, Big Big Train is the first band that has been booked for the 2020 edition of the festival. To state that this is an exciting signing for us is probably the understatement of the decade.

Big Big Train has been on our wish-list ever since the festival started way back in 2004, the same year that Big Big Train released the album “Gathering Speed”. The wish for them to come and play at RoSfest has most certainly gathered speed ever since, especially following 2009’s “The Underfall Yard”, which may be described as something of a breakthrough album for the band. Their brand of melodic and distinctly English progressive rock has made the band a must buy for an ever-increasing audience since then, and that Big Big Train released one fantastic album after the other to this day is, of course, a part of why that is the case.

For the last decade, our audience has made it an annual tradition to request Big Big Train and 2020 is the year when we will make it happen. A long desired wish, finally fulfilled. Big Big Train will arrive on schedule on May 9th, for a 2 hour performance beginning at 8:00 pm! (Pending permit approval.

Big Big Train Official WebsiteBig Big Train on FacebookBig Big Train on YoutubeBig Big Train on SoundcloudBig Big Train on SpotifyBig Big Train on Twitter

We are honored and “gobsmacked” to be nominated in this year’s Progressive Music Awards as Event of the year.

This is our fifth Progressive Music Award Nomination, but this year please help us win by voting at and spread the word!

Thank you Prog Magazine for the nomination!

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